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Were you ever heartbroken by a crush?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) August 21st, 2011

I had a really big crush on this boy. I liked him since the ery first day in Latin class. He was everything I wanted and loved in a guy. Then, the last day of school, we were passing notes like we always do. I told him I really liked him. He thought it was really sweet and that he liked me too. But, he said I;m not his type at all and he liked someone else. Someone who was 400x prettier than me. I felt like crying. I felt horrible. Then he told me to suck it up. I never wanted to talk to him after that.

Have you ever been heartbroken by a crush?

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Oh, yes. I had this creative writing class in high school with this guy that was older and wrote amazing poetry (Hot guys should not be allowed to read romantic poetry publicly in school. I’m surprised he didn’t incite riots!) and he didn’t break my heart per se, but I did have the hugest crush on him.

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Oh yes… many times.

From my experience, I’d rather know directly that I wasn’t his type, than to be cut off without any explanation. The broken record in my head will go over ‘what’s wrong’ over and over if I got cut off.

I don’t want to minimize your experience, but if he told you to suck it up—he gave you insight into who he really is—a good guy would never say that to you. Wish him well, and look for someone else who really cares how you feel and respects you enough to allow you your emotions.

He might have been a fun friend, but if he’s not respectful now, try to consider yourself lucky.

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Yeah, my crush was a lot meaner than yours. He teased me mercilessly, along with his friends, after finding out that I liked him. In retrospect, I can’t really figure that out… because he was a dorky looking kid. haha.

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My crush actually said I was ugly in front of half the class when I let him know I liked him, and reminded everyone how undeveloped I was compared to his crush. Then again, we were all 12. And she didn’t like him in the least.

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Yes, and I agree with @linguaphile‘s comment: it is much worse to not know the reason why for a sudden cut. It’s even worse than finding out from a mutual friend. Crushes rarely, if ever last. They either wither and die or grow into something even more special. One day, you will understand that this guy’s callus response was better than having a secret crush drag on.

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Yes. Like a month ago. I’m 39 Blueberry.

It is one of the few things almost all human beings share.

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Who hasn’t been heartbroken/dissapointed over a crush? I’m pretty sure this happens to most everyone.

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Yes, when I was 10. I was just so amazingly “in love” with this boy named Todd. He, and two of his female friends knew it and decided to play a horrible prank on me. It was Valentine’s Day and he gave me a terribly romantic Valentine card, asking me to be his Valentine and his girlfriend.

When I pulled it out of my Valentine box and turned around with a huge smile on my face, he and his two female bitches started laughing uproariously. I’ve never forgotten it and those two girls are both still stuck-up bitches, even in their thirties.

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Of course! Many times and each time I bought a new toy for my guitar…needless to say I have a pretty awesome rig! :)

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many times.

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Yes. A few times, actually. It sucks, but you get over it eventually. And you come out a relatively stronger person as a result of it!

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Every single time.

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@blueberry_kid Next time before you fall for him so hard, check to see if he likes blueberries as much as you do. If so, woo him with your culinary skills. The way to a blueberry man’s heart is through his blueberry lovin’ stomach!

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If you would have asked this question to me when I was young I would have said, “Welcome to my world”. I was a shy ugly ducking kid. Being kicked around a bit made me strong. Se la vie!

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Well, @linguaphile, I’m afraid I was left hanging, but at least things could have been a lot worse. The guy could have rude, as in @blueberry_kid‘s case, or downright nasty, as in @ANef_is_Enuf‘s case. Still, I’m left wondering about how he really did feel about stuff, which is not really helping me get closure…

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Yes @blueberry_kid. On a number of occasions. Sorry you had to go through that but he doesn’t deserve you. He sounds very silly and you are not.

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@yankeetooter Maybe it depends on different people, their prior experiences and their personalities? I don’t handle cut-offs well—I prefer to know than not to know.

You’re different, that’s good—Blueberrykid needs to hear from different perspectives.

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I remember a guy I was pretty impressed with. I showed up at a party where he also was. I thought he was very good looking, and of course I couldn’t stop looking at him. Someone must have told him I had a crush on him. He had his girl with him, and didn’t want me messing up his scene, but the way he sent me away was pretty embarrassing because he insulted me in front of everyone.

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(My daughter wants to reply)
BabyLingua says: oh have I been heart broken? You bet. I might only be 9 but I have feelings too. It was this guy Jake, my best friend in the whole world—we had playdates every other day until when I was 5 he moved 5 states away and he won’t talk on the phone with me anymore. He left me ohh I have mixed emotions. I was FIROUS and SAD. Even now, I still wonder about him. I was the 1 who asked the Q “what do you do when your bff stops talking to you?”

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@linguaphile…I prefer to know myself. I was just recognizing how “knowing” can sometimes be a rough process. I’m just trying to look at the good side…No, I don’t know for sure, but neither was he mean or nasty to me either…that would have done me in.

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yes, just a few weeks ago. seriously crushed too, lol, and I’m 40. But…you know, it’s been a few weeks, and…life goes ON. It’s Just Part of Life, and I wouldn’t trade those feelings I had for anything ;)

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No, because i think it is good to have a crush on someone but you shouldn’t get attached to that person too much. This is the reason the news like someone kill someone over a crush because he is heart broken.

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Oh yeah. Senior year of high school I really liked this guy, and we started talking a lot. I think a mutual friend told him I liked him, then on a snow day he called me and asked me out to the movies. We had an amazing date: talked a lot, held hands awkwardly, awkward peck after, and I was euphoric. I was sure we were going to fall in love and go to prom and lose our virginities together. That was Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday he stayed home from school, sick. Friday after school I found him and asked if he wanted to hang out, and he turned bright red and told me he’d rrather just be friends. Totally killed me. I remember driving home through the rain openly weeping, and not being able to see the road at all. My parents really came through on the comfort duty, though. Still reeling from that one!

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I can’t say heartbroken, but this was just plain upsetting. I got quite attached to a boy I met at college. We were each other’s “first friend” at college and I think as a result we clung to each other quite a bit at the beginning as we were adjusting to all the changes. As he made more friends and felt more comfortable, he cooled off from me quite a lot. But I still liked him. Then the term ended and I had to come home to get surgery. So there I was at home getting surgery and feeling awful while all my friends are having all these new experiences at college. It was pretty easy to start feeling sorry for myself, and I did, and this boy kind of came to represent all that I was missing out on. I found out via facebook later that he had found a girlfriend, and I didn’t even know for a whole month because I was so out of the loop. It hurt a lot because I really feel that something could have happened between us if I hadn’t had to leave, and it was just another thing that I was missing out on because of all this shit. But we only knew each other for two months so it’s not as though we had the deepest of connections, and I know I built him up in my mind quite a lot while we were separated.

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