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What would you do to someone who constanly is cruely beating his pets/animals?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) August 21st, 2011

Okay so I’ll explain this a bit.

I won’t give any videos because I saw too much and it made me really sad and angry at the same time.
I saw some movies [I don’t even understand how can someone record them ... this is beside the point] where owners of animals got furious on things and just bashed their animals leaving them close enough to die…
I had a neighbour like this who liked to bear his dog. One day I told him if I ever hear the dog crying one more time because of the beating I’m just gonna break one of his hand [which I did at a point]. He stopped after that but why has it come to such solutions sometimes.
Where I live there aren’t many laws to protect animals but I saw enough domestic violence against pets in US and there’s an animal police there and a lot of laws protect the animals.

What would you do to someone whop beats his animals/pets?

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If one of my neighbors did that, I’d call 911 on their ass. I wish I could say that I’d beat them up before calling it in, but I’m tiny and too easy to throw.

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I’m not that big or strong either but I could not stand it anymore and when we called the police on his sorry ass they could not do anything because there are no laws to prevent such cruelties.

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I would turn them in to the authorities. In NY state they finally made it a punishable crime with real jail time.

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@Hibernate, I’d recommend you contact your state lawmakers to make it a crime. We did it in the state of NY.

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I would take some kind of action against them, like call child and family services, or animal protection establishments. Doing something to that person isn’t gonna achieve anything besides you getting arrested.
However, some of those associations I mentioned can be seedy at best, because they don’t always do what we imagine they will…but it’s better than nothing.

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Report them and keep your distance, you are dealing with a very fucked up person.

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The obvious answer is to report them, However…

Smack them in the head with a brick and walk away feeling guilt free. Someone like that is hardly going to be open to reason, just bash them just because, see how they like it, don’t even tell them why you are doing that to them.

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Beat them.

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Don’t do things that will give the guy a reason to press charges against you. Wait till he leaves then you steel his dog and of course have a preplanned destination to take animal to. If the guy asks if you saw anything just look thick and say, dunno.

Where are you?

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What part of the world do you live in, @Hibernate?

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I would not let it slide for another second and take the animal away if need be. That said get the authorities involved as animal cruelty does not fly in my neck of the woods.

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Since I do live in the USA, I’d turn them in to the authorities and bear witness.

If I had to take the law into my own hands, I’d find a better home that wanted the animals far enough away not to be found, and move their animals there. Then I’d tell him he’d better stop, and see if I could get him into some sort of therapy. People who abuse animals have typically been traumatized themselves and could use treatment.

It’s a basic human problem, though: there are many people who are sick and abuse others, and not so many people who understand and know what to do about it.


I’d quickly report the person to the Humane Society and the authorities and have him/her charged with animal cruelty. I hate seeing animals being beaten/tortured.

I wish the laws were tougher on people who commit animal cruelty. Laws that simply fine someone $1000 and ban them from owning pets for “2 years” are ineffectual and ridiculous. If I had my way, the culprit would do serious jail time and be banned from owning any animals for LIFE.

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I would report them to the RSPCA and really, if I could take the animal out of their care, even sneakily, I would. I would rather rescue the animal and take it somewhere safe while the person wasn’t there than let them continue to beat it.

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Tie them up cover them in food and walk away… I mean that’s what I’d do in a “perfect world.” Ok really now, I would tell them to stop and if they did it in front of me again I would deck them.

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Since you live in a part of the world that has no laws regarding this I would contact the press. Let some journalist make a case about it.

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I’d call the cops, then I would use my body’s build to my advantage and stop him. I would use excessive force and I would make a citizen’s arrest.

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Call the police dude. If you are not able to call then take the stick and beat the person with it.

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Strike them about the head & face with a sweaty sock filled with pool balls.
Tie them up & place a wasp’s nest over their twitching genitals.
Call the relevant authorities, explain the situation & claim they “slipped on a bar of soap!”

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So many people are still saying call the cops. Where the OP lives there are no laws to enforce regarding the issue. He said it more than once.cops can’t do anything if there isn’t a law to protect the animal.

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@A2J if only it was that simple. We called the police and they couldn’t do anything except take our reclamation.
@jeremyh I did but it’s not the best solution to just beat the crap out of everyone around. I need more peaceful solutions. And there’s always the drawback they cal claim a lawsuit against us if we beat them… and they would probably win and still continue to beat the animal.

I’m interested if there’s a way to start making a petition or something [at least local] so the mayor and his folk can apply a law to make animals have some rights or something. Most cops understand how we feel but right now it’s a mess.

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@Hibernate Is there no animal rights organizations of any sort where you live?

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There are a lot but I can’t just steal the animals and take them there. And the state for now does not recognize them as legal so they do not have police support or protection. I thought of going there with some of the animals but if someone decides to pursue the legal action we can get charged for kidnapping[even if it’s an animal] or stealing or aiding to a crime [we will be considered accomplices]. I know it sounds awful or like we live in a third world country but it’s just how it is.

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@Hibernate I just meant to inform the organizations and let them do something if they can. Whether it be petitions, or standing in front of the guys house we signs all day long picketing.

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You can also use social pressure. If a good portion of people in your community care about the treatment of animals, then you can go around your community exposing the abuse, spreading the word, and the social penalty may be enough to curb the behavior. Of course, it could possibly also result in more abuse for the animals (since the brute may take out his upset on them), except that other brutes who haven’t been identified, might reduce their abuse to avoid also being disapproved by the community.

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Give them an empty threat. It’s all about the eye contact. Think in your head what you want to do to them when they hurt an animal. Be vicious about your threat, but be silent so no other neighbors hear.

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Why does it have to be empty? Why not make the threat, and then when they do it again, let them know you weren’t messing around? Abuse to animals is ridiculous, I mean I love animals, and I would not be giving an empty threat to someone beating an animal.

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Maybe pull a Dane Cook and repeatedly steal their door…. or change it up a little and repeatedly steal their pets whilst breaking everything else in sight.

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Threatening to beat someone or actually do it is illegal. Even if you think you have right on your side the shitstain will press charges and you will go to jail. It will be a difficult case for any lawyer to defend, and even if you get off light with probation you have then used your last bit of ammo to do something about this because you cannot afford to make any mistakes after that. On top of that you still have a guy that might have more friends than you do who will be willing do be more vigilante than you were. And if they do bad things to you and call the cops, guess what… with a prior record of violence you will probably go back to jail and this time you will probably be staying there for some time.

And your life will probably go down hill from there. So is it really worth it to do that over a dog? I know some on here have advised going off on the guy but then again they are safe at their homes right now. I doubt they would do it themselves. It just sounds macho to suggest that on the internet where it’s still safe to do it.

There still could be the chance that the ol boy might just whoop your ass on his turf since he already has past experience with you and could have something for you next time. Sometime scumbags are more clever than they get credit for so who wants to be done in by one even though he probably does deserve a beat down richly.

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Have you considered video taping them beating the animal? Then post it, and/or pictures of them beating the animal in public places with their name. Include statistics about how abuse of animals leads to abuse of people, including child abuse. Just google “animal abuse leads to crimes against humans”. Here’s one reference to get you started.

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Yes I think the video camera is you best friend here. It can get cops in trouble maybe it will bring pressure on this guy to at least give the dog away.
I’m still curious where you are seeing this. I wouldn’t want to live there. Seems backwards.

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@woodcutter The link I posted is from New Zealand. There are many locations in the world that have no regulations regarding animal abuse, nor do they prosecute against it.

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@snowberry thanks .. That might work if we’ll find some people who to support us.

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Start by googling or checking in the phone book for a SPCA group or one like it. Also contact these people: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals International. SPCAI

I’m not impressed with PETA’s track record, but you could try them too. You might also contact your local veterinarian, a veterinarian school in your country, and maybe even psychology schools or organizations in your country (regarding animal abuse and abuse against humans, or independant animal abuse organizations).

Lacking that, start your own group. If it’s as upsetting you as much as you say it is, use this energy to make it stop. Someone somewhere in your country agrees with you, and I’m thinking you just have to find them.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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