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Take a look at the specifics as given in the detail section. Do you agree with this statement?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 5th, 2008

David Brooks is right: the global economy is driven by technological change. One should add that the third industrial revolution will start when we accept that technology can solve the energy crisis. Whichever nation decides to cover its roofs with solar shingles and use inexhaustible and free solar energy to convert sea water into hydrogen fuel for its cars will not only provide a permanent solution, but will also initiate the economic boom of the century. By Béla Lipták. The global economy is taking our jobs overseas, many argue is a good business practice since it saves a lot of money for employers. However, on the other hand it displaces many people out of their current occupations. Weather we like it or not globalization is here to stay, so we must find real solutions to the unemployment problem. The job areas taken away from us were only in manufacturing, now other industries are being taken away, like customer service, debt collection, graphics design, computer coding has long been gone to India, and the list goes on and on.

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Perhaps ask a much shorter question and give the link to the Brooks’ column or Op-Ed piece? Or the Bela Liptak piece? My eyes hurt too much to read this.

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Yes, you are right. I will do this next time

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With grammar like this, it is no wonder.


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Brooks himself is an elegant writer. And I find, that either he or I are mellowing. I am actually agreeing with some of his columns.

I never heard of Bela Liptak.

@Glial; not just grammar but style and usage…it’s an age thing, I guess.

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