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Can I teach myself AutoCAD and get a job?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) August 23rd, 2011

Is AutoCAD something I can teach myself?

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Yes, I did it. I used to work as a metal engineer, I wanted more money and learned to make 1st, 2nd and 3rd view plans in autocad, I found it very easy, Corel Draw was harder to figure out for me personally.

Having said that, I learned how to program and do all kinds of things on computers all by my self, I have passion for computers, and that always helps learning of any kind.

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Of course you can. There are plenty of manuals to help you learn. It also helps if you know the theory behind the work you do.

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The first part of your question is affirmative. You can certainly teach yourself AutoCad. The second part is more problematic. Not many employers are going to be interested in a “trial hire” and wait for you to be able to demonstrate results. They want some type of certification that proves you do have the knowledge that you claim to have. If you’re already working for an employer who can use that skill, then it will be easier for you – as an already ‘known quantity’ – to demonstrate a skill that your employer doesn’t already know about.

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Certifications aren’t usually that hard to come by. Community colleges will generally offer CAD programs in different areas (for example if you want to build custom cabinets vs. building metal widgets vs. drawing integrated circuits) and aren’t that expensive.

That way you have something to show, at least something of a portfolio, and a place to use the software while learning.

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Check out this site which offers free courses

You Can Do It!

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I think it depends a lot on you.CAD is a huge course and you should go step by step.Again if you have not enough time you can check out online for many great resources.

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