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What substance can I put between the walls of my frogs' tank and the filter, so they don't get stuck behind the filter?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 27th, 2011

I have these two little Albino Clawed Frogs (actually they’re froglets, because they’re about two inches long, each). I have a Mini-Bow one gallon Tank with filter, and the filter hangs on the lip of the tank, under the cover. One of the froglets seems to like going behind the filter. He hangs out there, and I have “rescued him” but I’m not sure if he was actually stuck or just hanging out. I don’t want him to get stuck back there when I’m not home.

What can I put between the filter and the wall of the tank, to keep the frogs from going back there and getting stuck?

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How much space would you say there is between the filter and the glass?

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Plastic or better yet acrylic. I highly doubt it will get stuck though. More than likely it was a dark place for it to hang out in. Id be more concerned about a foot or something getting sucked up the filter, but that can be easily fixed with foam they make to go over them if your filter didnt already come with that.

Are they the dwarf species or no? If not ya know you’re going to need a much bigger tank for them right?

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They’re dwarfs. There’s probably between ¼ inch and ⅓ inch between filter and wall.

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The dwarfs will still probably outgrow that tank in time but should be fine for a while. But yea like i said above i highly doubt theyre actually getting stuck there, they tend to like to hide in shadowed areas near the top of the water ive noticed.

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@uberbatman: they say they can grow to five inches, so I am anticipating that I will need at least a five gallon tank when all is said and done.

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@jca the dwarfs tend to max out at 2.5 but yea a 5g would be nice for them.

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@uberbatman: Now it makes me want to verify if they’re dwarfs or not.

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African Dwarf Frogs are very similar to the Clawed Frogs. One way to tell, is to see if your frogs have webbed front feet. If they don’t, you have clawed frogs. How I know that you have clawed frogs for sure though is ADF do not have an albino variety.

It’s recommended that ADF are kept, 1 gallon per frog. So, you might need a bigger tank even while yours are babies. When the clawed frogs are full grown, it’s recommended 10 gallons per frog.

Frogs are also a lot cleaner than fish. I would not bother with a filter until they are full grown. Take advantage of having a small tank that you can clean in a sink, while you can.

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Got it. These are Albino Clawed Frogs.

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@8Convulsions even though they are cleaner id still keep a filter on there. Never hurts to have cleaner water plus the water circulation is good for them.

@jca prepare for some froggies that get the size of your fist :)

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