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Can I edit session files created from Nuendo, in Studio One Artist?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) August 29th, 2011

I’m a hip hop artist who used to go to a studio where they used Nuendo to record me. Due to a price increase, I was forced to seek other alternatives. Coincidentally, a good friend of mine offered me similar recording services for much cheaper. However, he uses Studio One Artist. I find the sound quality to be excellent and far more superior than that of Nuendo. I would like to retain the session files previously recorded via Nuendo and send it to my friend with the Studio One Artist for mixing. Can my friend mix my songs in SOA that were previously recorded using Nuendo?

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No. You’ll probably have to export each track from Nuendo in order for it to work right. I’d love it if DAWs were all compatible like that, but unfortunately they aren’t.

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