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"Hurricane Irene Is God's Warning To Washington". Good joke? Bachman thinks it is. Is this the end of her Presidency run?

Asked by rebbel (35553points) August 29th, 2011

”“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending,” Bachmann said in Sarasota on Sunday, according to the St. Petersburg Times.” video
Is this ‘just’ another blooper in a row and do Americans think nothing of it oh, that looney again…, or is this the straw that breaks the camel’s back and is it the end of her attempts to being the resident of the White House?
How would (esp. Republican) people feel who were in the midst of the storm and whose property and/or health were affected by it.
If it was a joke on her behalf, what does that say about her (humor)?
I read this on a Dutch section of teletext where you can find ‘funny’ and weird news items.
I’m totally flabbergasted…., I mean, we have some crazy politicians too here, but she is something else (in my view)...

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Fair is fair, Al Gore thinks it is too, just for different reasons.

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This was not a joke until the backlash hit. As for the end of her run for presidency – I did not know it started! This woman. Sigh. I wonder were her handlers were. Don’t they prep her speeches?

Sadly, the TP’ers are already making excuses for her. Remember when Palin (and Bachman) both screwed up historical facts? Instead of saying “gee, I was tired, or jet lagged, or hungry, or even – I made a mistake” both of them insisted on saying they were correct.

Instead of saying WHAT? their followers edited the wiki pages dealing with these historical facts to reflect the versions that Palin and Bachman put forth as truth!

That being said, there are people that will vote for her, if she gets the nod. To them, anyone but that commie socialist Kenyan! We are in deep doo doo in this country, people.

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@westriverrat – Gore is not running for president! He says what he says to make money. That’s the American way!

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If our God were a punishing sort, I believe Bachmann and her ilk are the punishment It has wrought. Earthquakes and hurricanes are not nearly as scary.

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Kinda lame, as jokes go. But hey, at least it’s clean. Liberal jokes tend not to be.

It is unlikely that either the hurricane or the earthquake are any sort of divine punishment.
@picante Oh, God punishes. He just has the world’s longest temper.

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I think it just shows that any ignorant fool can try to run for presidency. Yeah for democracy. (sighs)
The sun was lovely the next day and it was cool and dry and refreshing. Does that mean they finally got things right the next day?
The day we start to look to the skies and the land for clues about how God feels about our daily decisions is the day I move because we will be only a stone throw away from making live sacrifices to volcanos. Here’s a thought. I’ll stick around if they start with the ignorant politicians first. I’ll bring the marshmallows.

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Well, she is just so cliche. I wrote that 6 days ago on this Q. Did it really take this long for a right winger, religious, politician to come up with this, or just this long for the media to pick up on it. If Republicans really think that plays with their “base,” and I think it actually does I guess they will keep saying things like that. I just always wonder are they really that clueless that the majority of the country does not think like that or talk like that?

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@JLeslie Probably a case of media lag; if she’s anything like me, the idea popped up shortly after “hurricane” and “Washington DC” were presented in the same idea.
I would be slow to make claims to majority; only something like 48% of the population is Democratic.

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I literally couldn’t give a flying fuck either way!

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What will it take to get the American People to take Bachman seriously? Another earthquake? In Minnesota?

People, people. Listen to the lady. Let’s stop hurricanes!

If that lady can get god to keep hurricanes from hitting America, then she should be president. And if she can’t, we should make her sail a 20 foot sailboat in every hurricane that does hit our shores.

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Just for the sake of steering this to something other than a Bachman bashing fest, I’d like to ask something, if I may. If she had made a comment about God’s blessings or Providence for America, would that have been taken as adversely? Is it just that she said God punishes those who turn their back on Him or that she believes in God or what is it that bothers people so much about her comments?

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I can’t stand that woman.

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What bothers me the most about her is her total intolerance for people who are different than her. I am not a Christian, although I was raised as one. My understanding of Christians is that they worship a man who preached love and tolerance of everyone. Her believe in God does not bother me. Faith of any kind is a wonderful thing.

What bothers me is her perversion of what Christianity actually is ( again, my opinion, only) in order to force her personal beliefs onto everyone, and her willingness to use Christianity to promote her own ends.

I no more believe that the Christian God sent the earthquake and hurricane to show us that we need to trim the budget than I believe gas will be $2.00 a gallon, if she is elected.

Shocking and shameful to use God to further your own personal agenda!

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@bkcunningham I am not a believer myself, so I don’t care that much if she comments on blessings or punishments…., to me they both sound silly, but I can imagine that people rather hear that they are (going to be) blessed (because it is supposed to be a positive thing and it lies in the future) than that they were punished (a correlation is put between a behavior and a nature phenomenon).
Plus, who does she (and that goes for anyone who behaves the same) thinks she is, to be the messenger of her God?

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One of the few buildings in D.C. that actually sustained significant damage was the National Cathedral. LOL. He knocked off or damaged three of its four spires. What was God saying there?


@bkcunningham The statements you give as examples are general and might be statements of her personal religious beliefs. I really don’t have much of a problem with that. The problem I have with these kind of statements like Bachman’s is the implication that God’s agenda and the Tea Party agenda, her agenda, are one in the same.

The implication was that the earthquake and hurricane were messages from god regarding her party’s deficit reduction position. That kind of thinking should bother both believers and non-believers. It is not to far from saying that if you oppose particular polices that she an her party are pursuing you are opposing the will of god.

That’s not only stupid and annoying, it’s offensive. She has no right to speak for God and it’s the height of arrogance to imply that she can, that she somehow has access to and knows the mind and will of god.

Well, you asked. :-)

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Sort of reminds of me of the Westboro Baptist Church saying that Hurricane Katrina was punishment for New Orleans’ increasing acceptance of homosexuality.

The main thing to know about Bachmann is that she is a joke.

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@Nullo But, even the Republican party is not all right winger, fire and brimstone, God punishes, so I think the majority of the US population doesn’t like that type of hateful talk.

@bkcunningham It would be nice if God was left out of government and politics, but I am not all wound up about a President saying God Less America or anything.

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She was done as soon as she opened her mouth. Her husband didn’t help, either.

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”...I am not all wound up about a President saying God Less America or anything.”

Did you intend to type “God Bless….”?, because I wouldn’t mind having a GodLess America, depending on how that result was achieved.

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@bkcunningham It’s looks liker her using tragedy to further her own political agenda. I’m not outraged that she thinks that spending is out of control, I’m outraged that she would have such callus disregard for victims and politicize them like that.

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@bkcunningham I think what upsets some people about her is several things. As a religious, woman who is white and republican she represents several groups every time she opens her mouth. Two of those I object to personally. One that she is a woman and two that she claims to know what is on Gods mind.
Sorry, but the fact that she may make caucasian people or republicans look bad isn’t a concern to me. :) But she along with Palin make women with any religious belief look stupid. I’m beginning to believe that every woman ever to be put up for presidency will be an ignorant person. Why, so that we will only have men who can have a fair chance of winning. She is the token white, christian female up for the sacrifice with no real chance of winning. She was a deliberate choice. Actually I think most ignorant politians are deliberately chosen so that the person that was meant to win will win by default. Then when it looks like their choice may not win than the bashing or looking for dirt will begin to swing it back their way.
Hell its the way I would play it out if I had puppet politians at my finger tips. Choose some real dummies who really don’t know how to play the game and let them trip themselves up and your guy will follow instructions to the tee by never speaking publically without back up. Once in a while throw in some real competition so it looks fair and then shot them at the knee caps if they look like they might win. Like Obama, with the whole birth certificate stuff and his family back ground. Sure, Good Ole boys and girls of america won’t vote for a possible muslin spy!
He didn’t have to be one. They just needed to plant the seed of doubt. Only they didn’t count on Palin also opening her mouth so much. They just needed her to be pretty and shut up so the Good Ole girls would follow her like lemmings.

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@Pandora You object to women? Really?

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@lillycoyote, I didn’t realize that I gave any statements of examples.

I didn’t say I agreed with Bachman. I actually think that @Aethelflaed and @Eureka sorta of said how I feel about the someone who would use a tragedy to politicize something. I’m not sure that is what Bachman did exactly. I wasn’t at the event and don’t really know the entire context of what she said.

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@JLeslie, you see, that is what really got me to think about this today. Nearly every president uses God and asks for God’s blessings and bounty upon this country. Even Obama. Even if it can be twisted by some to say he does it to further his ratings or for whatever reason. He has done it as well.

I just wondered why it is okay to ask God’s blessings and not go further and say what Bachman said. If you believe one; you really have to believe the other. You can’t have cursings without blessings may be what I’m trying to say here.

Maybe the ones who ask blessings are just doing lip service and don’t believe in either the blessings or the curses. I dunno. Just wondering.

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@bkcunningham By examples I was referring to this statement of yours:

If she had made a comment about God’s blessings or Providence for America, would that have been taken as adversely?

I meant that you had offered examples of references to god she could have made and would those sort of things, if she had said them, have gotten the same adverse reaction. Perhaps I didn’t put well.

And I thought you were commenting in reference to what she did say. I didn’t realize you didn’t know what she said. I assumed you did.

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I’m sorry, @lillycoyote. I read your sentence wrong. I see what you mean. I agree 100 percent with what you said. I see what you mean. You think she is saying, “Believe as I believe and vote for me and my agenda and I’ll lead you to paradise. Otherwise, you are damned for hell and damnation and other natural disasters.”

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@chyna I object to her being a woman and making all politician females look bad. Just saying, if we get a woman thrown into the ring, why couldn’t they find a smart woman? Why not? They are just steps aways from just putting one in the ring with really bad menopause and suffering from depression.

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@Pandora Nice generalization of women.~

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@Brian1946 Bless, it should be bless.

@bkcunningham I disagree. I like to believe if there is a God he looks down favorably on His children, all His children, and is not using natural disaster to kill some of them off. What parent would do that? Plus, good people died during that hurricane, if God is orchestrating everything, I’m not to happy with him.

My SIL said to me years ago, I like how the US president ends his speeches with God Bless America, in Mexico the President would never do that because government can not be mixed with religion. I found it ironic that a country so Catholic understood why it is important to keep them separate. She said the church had so much control for so many years, that eventually more of a division was necessary. Having said that she is the first one to say something like, “why do the Christian fundamentalists here who want religion in our government think there is any difference between how they think it is ok to bring religion into government and the Muslim governments in the middle east?”

I say I am ok with the President saying God Bless America, simply because I don’t think it is worth fighting over, as long as the President doesn’t cross certain lines. Think it would be good if we actually were more separate when it came to religion and government/law. The example I usually throw out is we never should have given clergy the ability to perform a civil marriage. They should not have power vested in them by the state of X to pronounce husband and wife. They should only have the power to do a religious ceremony. Mexico keeps those separate too. It is stunning to me how very smart people don’t understand the difference between a civil marriage and a religious. Why do religious people want a civil marriage? Um, for the legal benefits and protections? And, gay people cannot have those protections? Really, people don’t get that civil and religious are completely separate things, and I blame doing both ceremonies at once. Went a little of on a tangent there :).

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@bkcunningham Well, I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say:

You think she is saying, “Believe as I believe and vote for me and my agenda and I’ll lead you to paradise. Otherwise, you are damned for hell and damnation and other natural disasters.”

That’s a little strong, but the implication is certainly there, in her statement, I think, that God has taken sides and the side he’s on is her side.

Do we actually agree on something?


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Well, it might be a sign from God @lillycoyote, but I actually think we do agree on something. ; )

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Have you seen the video of what she said? It does seem apparent she said it in jest. Bad taste? Absolutely. Look at the reaction of the audience.

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@bkcunningham LOL. A sign of the coming apocalypse, no doubt… for nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places and… @bkcunningham and @lillycoyote shall agree on something… and lo, it will come to pass

Duck and cover everybody!


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Should we hug or kiss or something? Maybe just a friendly handshake? A hug and kiss would be nice though. I showered.

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I don’t if you would want a hug because I think I kind of smell like my dog a little bit, but

a shout out to @bkcunningham

We Just Disagree

I don’t know what “vintage” you are but that one’s an old favorite of mine. Maybe it should be the fluther theme song.

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“We Just Disagree”

You’re the first person I’ve seen on the internet reference Dave Mason. I’ve dug Dave ever since he was Traffic’s lead guitarist.

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@Brian1946 Then here’s one for you too.

Medicated Goo

I’m glad this is in social. I kind of like posting Traffic songs on a Bachmann thread. But I’ll stop after this one. I’ve said my piece.

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I love We Just Disagree. Thank you for the shout out. To you my friend.

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@Eureka It was grace, not tolerance. Grace from God, with regards to God, and by extension to our interpersonals.

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@bkcunningham I just loved that! I think we are now officially guilty of having hijacked @rebbel‘s thread. I hope he won’t mind too much since he’s a big music fan but I think we really should stop. At the very least, it’s probably annoying the people who want to talk about this Bachman business. And I might have a think or two left to say myself. Thanks for the “moment” my, now certainly, friend, bk. :-)

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Why is God so cryptic? Really, this bother me, why does he not speak to us directly with a clear message? Natural disasters are opportunity for the religious to get you to behave, yahoo! So lucky this horrible thing happened, now the population will behave well. I wonder if Bahmann’s son had a tree fall on him during the storm (God forbid) if she would be talking as she is? It is a failure of the Golden Rule, it is incredibly disrespectful to those who have lost people, some of them might have been Republicans, even Bachmann supporters. When the towers came down some Christians sent around emails talking about how God saved those who survived for a special purpose. So then what? Those who died were not special enough? I dislike all of this type of talk and thinking, and it is all the same to me.

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@JLeslie And this is all a part of why I consider myself an atheist today…

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