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Eminem - Relapse? Back to his best, or should have stayed in rehab?

Asked by iAmLuca (146points) May 21st, 2009

Coming from a long term Eminem fan, and having relentlessly listened to all of his albums, i have found myself appreciating his latest Album, but still question if his personal life has altered his musical ability.

I would like to hear views on what people thought of Relapse and how they rate it.

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Shoulda stayed in rehab. The new stuff is just. Blech. I feel like its a cop-out. Rushed and not as thoughtful as his older stuff.

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Oh not so! He should always come out with new stuff, how can he not, with so much to say!!
I saw him on jimmy, and I felt worried for him, he is ill with addiction!

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I like his new stuff.

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I never liked him to begin with. He has serious issues.

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