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Guys: boxers or briefs? Ladies: briefs or thongs?

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) May 5th, 2008
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Boxer briefs for running, briefs for the office, neither the rest of the time, unless I’m in sweats.

My dad’s a fan of mixing the free-dog and sweats, it’s not very kosher.

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boxers or commando (not in sweats either)

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I wear both. I like how thongs don’t show underwear lines, but there are some pretty cute briefs.

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I wear both, but most of the time I wear thongs.

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Boxer or commando.

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boxer briefs!

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Thongs, briefs (mini-, bikini-, boyshape-, lowrise-, highleg-), shorts…. It really depends on what else I wear.

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color briefs; due to hot weather territory I operate in boxers are not in the shops here

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I always wear boxers.

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I think it’s funny how often guys go commando.

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out of curiosity…...when blokes go commando: zip or button fly? Any phobias?

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@ wildflower ~ evidently, it’s not favored when wearing sweats. Wonder why?

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I wear bikinis or hi-cuts.

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I believe I took part in mentally scarring someone for life back in school with such a scenario…....he wasn’t going commando though, but had a tendency of wearing sweats.

….yes, the girls at my school were evil.

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@ wildflower ~ did you yank them down?

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yup – every time we could when he walked past us in the hall….

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No way! What is that called in Danish?

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@ wildflower ~ as the French would say, incroyable!

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umm….there’s no exact phrase for it, except if we pulled them down and filled them with water – that’s: bukse-vand
Otherwise I think just: super ond/led/modbydelig (evil/mean/despicable)

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btw….it didn’t go on for too long, but his mum complained at parent night that she’d been forced to go out shopping for jeans so he wouldn’t get picked on any more.

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Sven & Ole worked together and both were laid off,so they went to the unemployment office.

Asked his occupation, Ole said, “Panty Stitcher. I sew the elastic onto ladies cotton panties.” The clerk looked up panty stitcher and found it classified as unskilled labor, so she gave him $300 a week employment pay.

Sven was asked his occupation.“Diesel fitter” he replied. Since diesel fitter was a skilled job, the clerk gave Sven $600 a week.

When Ole found out he was furious. He stormed back into the office to find out why his friend and coworker was collecting double his pay. The clerk explained, “Panty stichers are unskilled and diesel fitters are skilled labor.” “What skill?” yelled Ole. “I sew the elastic on the panties, Sven puts them over his head and says, yah, diesel fitter.”

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That’s a cool site. And they ship internationally – thanks for sharing :)

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boxers all the way, with the most dasling designes, for instance, im currently wearing my “hawai” boxers, gotta love those!

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Speaking of Hawaii, what about the o-so-glorious banana hammock.

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oh, here’s a nice picture of my hawai boxer scaring my cousin, ah good family\s hard to get

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Oh the humanity!! Banana hammocks should be illegal!

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That’s a sweet print. Be honest though, if you lift those any further is skin gonna show? You sure those aren’t the super tropical psychedelic banana sligners?

You are European [ducks for cover].

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wish i could say so, im too terrified of a shoelace up the crack to wear one, i’d wear it for the shock value, chatting up with a girl, everything is going great, she touches my ass…feels around….aren’t you wearing boxers? grinning heavily: something even better baby, and witch point she realises the floral patternd piece of cloth that is protecting my payload is actualy the most feared piece of clothing…she screams but i go deaf instantly, i see a women exhaling but the sound is missing…then i wake up…damn those things are too tight

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iwamoto… have some imagination….now I’m stuck with a mental image I really, really don’t want!!

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don’t worry, the chances of us meeting up and me showing the most revealing of “under-trousers” are realy slim ;)

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I have given many a wedgy, where I have heard their underware rip. Only amongst my friends, I would not do it to a stranger unless their was money involved.

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I’ll give you a dollar if you do it – I’ll need proof though…

You just never know….I do have friends in clog/tulip land…

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Tempting to do it just for the crack of it!

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@wildflower, you’re talking about a fluther euro meeting? davey could come too, oh man, im seeing potential

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could be fun!.....there are flights direct to Amsterdam from here (only it’s very very early in the morning…)
davey would be?

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klaas4 is his username if im not mistaken, he’s the one who build the fluther widget, he’s from holland too

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aha…..thought his name was klaas.

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No butt floss for me. I wear bikini briefs.

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i wear boxers with strange patterns. briefs surround the package too much. my boys need some room to move around.

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Depends on what I am doing for the day. Or what I have got planned.

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boxers most of the time, boxer briefs when I am running or working out.

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Boxers all the time.

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What about Guys: thongs? ..

haha… i wear boxer briefs… and for the record girls look best in briefs imo

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Neither boxers nor briefs, ever! Well I do honor special requests from my girlfriend for maybe something exotic, perhaps a little leather number or, of course, the occasional edible item, but I never wear anything over those, so they can’t really be considered underwear.

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those little boy-shorts/briefs. 5 for $25 at Victorias secret! ;)

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@TheH- Those are the best, my ex used to sport em. They’re so flattering too.

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Banana hammocks… everyday or American Apparel fitness shorts, every day.

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@p they are flattering, I think for all. Also I just think they are more comfier then things… And leave more to the imagination.

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I agree. I think they’re much better than thongs.

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haha I said things. But you know what I was talking about. Iphone must not know what a thong is because “thing” pops up!

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I could make a really wise assed remark about things popping up, but I will be good just this once!

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Boxer briefs or briefs! You can’t be very active in boxers! I’ve been skateboarding for thirteen years, and you need “support” for that! Boxers are completly pointless! What, do you just want more laundry? They don’t do anything! You try to kickflip twenty stairs, or skate a fifteen foot vert ramp with no support! You’ll be sorry!

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@bulbatron9 – I once forgot my boxerbriefs at a polevault meet. I understand what you mean by sorry.

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@Bri_L OOPS! that must have been embarrassing!

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@bulb- so true! What’s up with the dudes that sag their pants so low you can see the whole boxers? I wonder if they have briefs under those.

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and they usually wear belts too, Peedub! Belts! This is what the book of Revelation warned us about. sad, sad.

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so sad…

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haha- scamp, you scamp!! Jk.

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ohhhhhh hell yes.

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both, but most time ,boxers

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Boxers and thongs. Both at once. Yeah.

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On guys boxer briefs. I’ve been told that boyshorts are cute on me…thongs can be kinda skanky if you wear them all the time and let them hang out.

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boxers are just plain and simply amazing. but you have to wear with caution.

wouldn’t want a torsion or anything.

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I wear mostly Jockey string bikini. Also have thongs. No boxers, hate them. I use to wear mostly thongs exclusively, but now only about 20% of the time. No real reason though.

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i were boxers

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Boxer briefs (I love Clavin Klein). But, I generally wear briefs with a suit.

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bikini style briefs, I despise boxers. Boxer briefs are an abomination.

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I must change my answer. I recently started wearing boxers under my work uniform pants, and man, I like them, I really really like them. So there is no abomination in boxers, I was wrrong.

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boxers all the way.
fuck briefs.

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Briefs for day.
Boxers for night.

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thongs just about everyday.

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Lisa16 – SWEEEEET!

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i’m a thong girl. Kelly Ripa was explaining to a guest co-host on Regis and Kelly why women wear thongs (it’s probably on You tube). she said “women swallow their underwear.” she said something that i can’t remember exactly but it was something like it’s easier to have a small piece of cloth then a big diaper. it was kind of descriptive for morning television but she was right. if you have big underwear on and they go up your butt, it’s uncomfortable, whereas thongs are so small you can’t feel them.

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