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Is there any way to get your license early?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) August 29th, 2011

A friend told me a while ago that you could either drive with a permit without a parent if you get straight A’s and your parents sign for it or that you could get you license early under the same circumstances. I don’t remember which one it is but is either true for the state of New Jersey? I tried Google but it didn’t really help.

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Here is what the NJ Dept of Motor Vehicles website says about teen drivers (16) in their Early Bird program.

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This might also apply, if you drive a farm vehicle. Lotta farmers in NJ.

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Not in California, except for farm equipment.

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No offense meant but I think the license age should be raised to 18 and no learners permits should be issued before a student is 17.

I raised two kids that crashed cars, lots of cars. They were both A students but your judgment and patience are minimal in the middle teens. Further, I don’t believe that anyone under 21 should be allowed in the military. Again, its a judgment problem.

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