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What is the name of this font (image here)

Asked by longtresses (1334points) August 29th, 2011

I came across a flyer and wondered what font is used on that flyer. Does anybody know the name of this font (please click to view font)? Much thanks!!! 8’-{

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I like Haux

Soft Brown should be Soft Blak.

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Gabriola looks close but the lowercase “u” is missing a serif.

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In the tradition of naming fonts for cities, maybe Oulu (from Finland)?

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@johnpowell You know what… it IS Gabriola!!! How awesome you are. Thank you!!

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@longtresses lmao, from your question I thought you had invented the font and were trying to decide the name, but you were looking to identify the name of an existing font. Clarity is a virtue.

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@gorillapaws I’m sorry. I rushed out to the grocery. Will be more careful next time.

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Websites like this are useful for this kind of thing.

When I tried, it spit out FF Atma Serif Italic as the most likely suspect. It’s definitely wrong though because the a’s are different and the capitals are all wrong. The website had a few other guesses too. Here’s the result of my attempt, which was largely inconclusive because I couldn’t answer most of the questions because the sample you linked is very small.

Edit: Lol, would’ve been good to read the other responses first – I didn’t notice this had already been resolved. Sorry about that.

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