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Is there something you think about every night before going to sleep?

Asked by sophiesword (2287points) August 29th, 2011

First of all let me just say I can bet there will be lot of answers regarding sex!!

It can be anything or anyone

- a fond memory
– something you regret
– your loved ones
– your future plans

Lately I’ve been thinking about where I’m gonna end up, whether the plans I have for my career work out or will I have to change them all together.

I regret giving away my dog cheese:(
If there was a doggy Miss Universe she would win it every year, that’s how beautiful she was.

Sometimes I think about my grandfather and wonder what it would be like if he was still alive. One thing I can say for sure is that if he were still breathing my relatives wouldn’t have turned into such dicks!
I miss him a lot

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Oooh I like this question! :) But what I have been thinking about lately is how close but yet far away it is until next year when I married. How stressed about life I am, how I never see anyone and am always lonely. Wondering what the next day will bring, if I’ll be depressed again. Guess you can say I just have a lot on my mind at night. But yes I also think about sex! Haha ;)

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Am I, as a divorced dad, making my kids know I love them and I am proud of them.


Sometimes that’s when I think scary thoughts that make me sad, like the inevitability of dying, bad thoughts. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because it’s quiet then, and my mind is finally free to think about things which I normally repress or don’t think about during the day. I know that’s depressing, but I can’t help it sometimes. More often, I think about the future, or what’s going to happen tommorow.

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I think about how tired I am.

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More like some one.

Goddamn, she’s beautiful.

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I think about tomorrow. Especially if I have work the next day I’m thinking about it getting depressed.

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Dead people. Where are they? What are they doing? Am I next?

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Oh and when I’m near/on my period I think about what a disappointment I am to my family and how rude I am to them.

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No way. When I go to sleep I usually end up sleeping a few seconds after I go to bed. I don’t go to sleep unless I am tired and when I am tired I sleep.

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I always think about my covers before I go to sleep. Then, I pull them up, lay down, and fall asleep.

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I usually say a quick prayer in my head where I ask for everything to be ok for the next day etc. I don’t know whether I am heard by anyone/thing but I find it comforting.

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There is nothing I don’t think about before sleeping. My mind tends to race just before sleep takes over, and I will think about anything and everything right up until that moment. It’s very random. And loud.

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Oooh, this pillow is sooooooo soft &.....zzzzzzzzzz!

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I almost always think about my children and grandchildren before I drop off to sleep. I pray that God will protect them and give them the desires of their heart. Sometimes I think about what a mess we’ve made of the world, and what we can do to dig our way out, but thank God that’s not what I think about very often!

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Thinking about the one dear to me at that moment and future…

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A lot of things.

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Trying to convince myself that I will sleep 8 solid hours, without waking up.

I am having a lot of back pain. Each time I turn over, the pain wakes me up.

I am taking muscle relaxers and pain medication. They only work, sometimes.

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Not the same thing.

Actually, I usually read before going to sleep so my mind won’t get cluttered up with thoughts.

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Can I be a better person tomorrow than I was today?

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There are so many thoughtful answers up there. All I think about is my head hitting the pillow, and then I’m pretty much out like a light. :(

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What time do I have to be at work in the morning. It is different every day. Then I think: close eyes think of nothing, fall to sleep, sleep, sleep.

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Every night at bedtime, I strongly wise I was able to sleep in a bed without agony. This is the result of injuries sustained in an automobile crash in April, 2004.

I miss sharing a bed with my beloved wife.

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How long I’ll be able to stay asleep.

If my fiancee will get plenty of good sleep.

How much pain my little doggie is in, how restless he’ll likely to be during the night.

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I think of my husband and son. I ask the lord to bless them, my father and grandparents souls.
I relate to your feelings.

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I really don’t know. I fall asleep so fast I have no idea what I was thinking about.

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Yes, how thankful I am for my love and my kids and my family and my best friend and for having shelter and food and warmth and for my opportunities and for all that life has given me, etc. etc.

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I always go through my mental “To Do” list for the next day. It keeps me up at times if I’m dreading doing something, but music helps.

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I tend to critique myself on the day. Was I kind to the person who asked me for something? Did I help where I could? How can I do better tomorrow. (Seriously I really do this!) Then I meditate on my happy place to calm down and go to sleep.

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Someone I still love, which is tied into something I regret…

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I am purposely slip-slidin’ my mind away from any sad things and trying daydreaming instead.

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Sex! Kinky sex!

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hmm why am I not surprised :P

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