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What do you still write out by hand?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30392points) August 30th, 2011

Do you write anything out by hand? Maybe it’s a list of items for the grocery store. Maybe it’s a check to pay a bill. Maybe it’s a letter to your love.

Is there anything that you still write by hand?

Because of my housing situation, I have to pay a few bills by check, and I write out my grocery list. I also make a list of things to do for the day.

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I write out all lists and notes by hand. Unless it’s a code or something. My desk is usually cluttered with all kinds of notes. Speaking of which, I have to go food shopping tomorrow. (Or today, actually)
I’ll do the list digitally for once.
2. White Vinegar
3. Something on sale
4. Repeat # 3 until funds have diminished.
5. Put something back so you can get cookie dough.

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@Prosb : Mmm. Cookie dough.

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The odd check I still have to write, grocery and to-do lists, notes to my husband and children (love notes or reminder notes).

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Well there’s greeting cards, birthdays/christmas & such. I occasionally write a note for teacher if any of the kids have been absent from school through illness. I mean, the school are informed by phone first thing on the morning of the absence, but they still “require” a sicknote given to them by the child on their return…....I dunno!!

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Greetings cards are probably it. I haven’t used a check in 10 years. Everything work related is done by computer now, although I do tend to make contemporaneous notes as I go along.

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When I’m looking for new music, I write down a list on paper next to me computer.

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Birthday cards, checks, driving directions, and shopping lists.

I bought a printer/scanner/copier unit 9 years ago, and it’s still in the box; that’s why I still hand write driving directions.

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Most stuff, still…I guess I’m old fashioned. I also have arthritic hands and it helps to keep them from stiffening up, which is one of the reasons I do crossword puzzles like a maniac. They help keep my brain from stiffening up as well…

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Lists,notes,letters…alot I guess.

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Lists, notes, greetings cards, short letters. For some things it’s just not worth the effort of doing it on the computer.

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Stupid essays.

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I wrote all my police reports by hand, up and until I retired two years ago. Now, all reports are typed on police car computers and that eliminated the handwritten reports.

I still write my love notes to my wife by hand. Any other method, would be cold.

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Notes for what I am doing for work and the time it took me. (I later enter it into a computer.)

Letters, cards.

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Shopping list
To do list (sometimes it is done electronically on my phone)
Greeting cards (although sometimes I make them on my computer)
Messages and notes from a phone call
Math problems

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I still take a few notes by hand; I, too, jot grocery lists by hand; and I write notes on cards by hand. My ability to write by hand has deteriorated signficantly. I truly have to focus all my mental prowess on making that pen work.

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Yes I do write my own things to do by hand. I feel they stick in my mind better. For the same reason I also used to hand write notes for college revision/classes. They are just better than tapping away at a keyboard. In my line of work I often need to provide legal opinions. I always write out my drafts by hand first. Maybe I’m old fashioned…

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To-do lists, checks, forms at the doctors/dentist/etc, and… that’s about it! Wow.

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I have a bunch of post-its with ideas/things to look up later scattered around my desk. Sometimes if I’m reading an article and having trouble understanding it, I’ll write out notes the old-fashioned way. Also to-do lists and grocery lists. And I’m the last person on earth without a smart phone, so directions, too.

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All kinds of stuff. I carry a notebook with me for writing when there’s spare time (on the bus, waiting at the DMV, slow times at work) and I have another notebook for wine-tasting notes. Sometimes I send my friends postcards, just for laughs. I made up a “secret” alphabet when I was a kid and I still write in it every so often.

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The only things I write, that hasn’t been said, is my name on an attendance sheet and notes on my music to remind myself of what the director said during rehearsal.

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I like writing by hand, so I do so whenever I can.
I really like making lists, and when I’m to type up an essay or something for a class, I usually write up a vague rough draft beforehand. I take all of my class notes on paper, and will occasionally write letters to my friends.
I don’t usually type because I prefer it, but because it’s required. If it were an option, I wouldn’t object to handwriting fluther answers or tumblr posts or anything else.
I do like typing essays though, because I can type more quickly than I can write which helps to get my thoughts out before I inevitably lose track of them.

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Thank you cards, and occasionally when I have overwhelming feelings I find it more therapeutic to write them down than to type them out. Somehow throwing something in the recycle bin of my computer or clicking delete isn’t half as satisfying as crumpling up a paper and actually throwing it in the trash.

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I forgot that I sometimes still hand write rough drafts when I’m writing essays for my blog. Sometimes the mood just strikes, and I write like a demon. It’s usually quite a mess before I get it on the computer. ;)

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martianspringtime I also like to write things by hand. Although I love the way I can revise on the computer but just deleting, for me, there is nothing to compare with handwriting for creative flow. Anything that is important and highly personal to me gets written in a notebook or odd scrap of paper, and yes, saved. I know this is a little insane, but it is so ingrained in me. I don’t mind the slashes through words when I change my mind and revise. I don’t mind the big arrows directing me to insert this phrase in the middle instead of the end of my paragraph! I am sentimental about it especially when it comes to writing poetry. I can’t imagine composing poetry on a computer. Is there any jelly out there who does this? Just curious.
I still take notes, write cards, make to do lists, grocery lists etc. all by hand. (Sometimes they get rewritten in the computer though.) I have even composed fluther answers by hand sometimes in a notebook.
However, when all is said and done,I have to admit that since I got my laptop I am using it more and more for things I used to write by hand.

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I have this notebook, it’s falling apart, and nearly ten years old. It’s sort of like a diary, but not really. There’s a whole bunch of crap in there. Quotes from video games, movies or books, poems and other assorted mood swing shit I wrote, drawings, doodles. There’s also a lot of video game stuff in there, when I need to take down notes while I’m playing something. There’s lists of shit that needs to get done…it’s funny looking back in it, and seeing how little of the items in the lists are checked off. XD
But seriously, there’s everything in there. I even kissed one page with lipstick on, over some writing that concerned a guy I was dating.

I first got it when I was in art program, where we used the notebook in relation to projects and shit. But now it’s filled with a bunch of different crap. Still has some blank pages, but they’ll get filled up. The cover fell off, but I kept it. I tried to reattach it with a small chain so it would look all Goth, but that didn’t work…

Otherwise, I don’t do much hand writing.

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Symbeline Your description of your notebook reminded me of this really cool book that I have that is just filled with rambling thoughts, sketches, photos, everything!!! Here is the link. Luckily they give you the look inside so you can see what I am talking about. don’t ever get rid of that ragged old notebook! It’s a part of you. I love it when people create things like that.

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Oh crap, the link isn’t working. it says this; We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site
I’d love to see what you’re talking about though.

I’m not getting rid of my old ass book. :) I actually tried to store it away, after buying a new one I would continue in. It just felt wrong, and I quickly went back to my old one. I’ll store it away again only when there’s no more room to write/draw anything in anymore.

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Symbeline Sorry the link didn’t work! Go to amazon and search this title:
Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself
Sabrina Ward Harrison

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Wow I think it must have every page…AWESOME.

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So glad you like it!!! :)

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I’m only near the beginning, but so far, I’d buy this. I always liked ’‘random’’ books of the sort.

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I write out all my Fluther answers by hand.

I have really good handwriting.

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I write alot. I have a note book. I still write reminders down on a physical calender. I write letters and I still send cards and postcards. Sometimes a happy birthday text it’s as sweet as a nice letter. I love writing letters and how personal it is. I even have a wax seal and candles to make it offical ;) I also like to write out phyically on papaer my goals for the week.

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Application letters and (tax) objection letters.
A love scribble.
Anything on the black board.

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