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I'm looking for large lists of names and email addresses of Jewish entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and executives. Any creative suggestions on the best way to obtain these?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) September 6th, 2009

I run an informal, not-for-profit group that helps Jewish businesspeople connect and collaborate. I’m trying to identify investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and researchers in technology and science. Anyone have creative suggestions for how to find these kinds of lists?

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I wouldn’t think one existed honestly, not to mention most people find unsolicited invitations and offers off-putting. I’d try some plain old advertising and word of mouth.

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What city are you looking in? Depending on the area, there may be a Jewish chamber of commerce. Most large metropolitan areas have one.

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@lefteh: Wow, that didn’t even occur to me. :P

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i have my doubts that your intentions are honourable or even legal…
you don’t happen to sport a moustache?

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Facebook Jewish Yellow Pages

An article appeared in MediaPost earlier this summer on Facebook’s Jewish behavioral marketing that you might find interesting.

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Well, some Jews are really not fond of lists identifying all their cultural representatives and identities for some for some reason. ~_~

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Go to synagogues in the area you’re looking at. Explain your intentions very clearly. They might assist you. Or not.

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What’s the name of your non-profit? It sounds interesting.

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The Geheime Staatspolizei know.

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“I’m looking for large lists of names and email addresses of _____” == “I am a spammer”. This is the wrong way to go about running a business. People who receive unsolicited email are unlikely to want to do business with you. Find a better way.

You can say “My business is to help <whomever> do <whatever>” all you want. Unless those people actually asked for your help, by way of seeking you out, you are not being helpful. You are simply spamming. No better than any other spammer on the planet.

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I was going to give you a link to an organization, but nearly all Jews know of it. Therefore, I suggest you ask one of those you seek to help. And, they may even tell you, if you can convince them your intentions are kosher. Feel free to PM me with your name, the name of not-for-profit group, your official address, phone number, tax ID# and a description of your charter and objectives and there is a good possibility I could have someone contact you very quickly.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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I would advertise in a local Jewish newspaper to get your company name out there, since I tend to loath being called from a list because I am Jewish. But, I would guess that companies that sell lists might have this very type of list. Or, maybe contact the JCC or the Jewish Federation in your area. A more time consuming route, if none of this works, is to get lists of people who fit all of the demographics and psychographics you are looking for and pick out the Jewish last names; not a perfect system for sure, but you will get some names out of it, assuming you are familiar with Jewish surnames. If you have to resort to this option, and it doesn’t matter where the people live, you would probably want to focus on areas with high Jewish populations.

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Well, there is the list of people who were ripped-off by Bernie Madoff…. Many of them were Jewish!

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There are computor algorithms that easily can do that. For reasons mentioned above that demographic has been a bit xenophically minded.

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The best option is to rent quality confirmed permission email lists. There are email brokers who allow you to send email to their lists, but they will never give you their list of email addresses. For a fee, you can supply your content to the broker and they will format and send the email to the list.

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Making your plans and goals know to the Jewish Community as @JLeslie suggested is by far the best approach. Let those interested contact you!

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