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What's the best way to sell my car? Dealer? Craigslist? Other?

Asked by Michael (2685points) June 19th, 2007

I thinking of selling my car before I move across the country. What's the fastest, easiest, and most lucrative way to do this?

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depends on the time you have. If need to do quickly and it is a late model, 2000 or newer, then go to a CarMax store. Other national used car sales companies also will buy your car even if you do not buy another vehicle.
type of car is a big factor, generally the more "special" the car is, the easier to sell. Also contact everyone you know and who know the car and how you have treated it and inquire if they or someone they know is looking for a vehicle.
another choice, keep the car and ship it to wherever. a year ago I shipped a car from Portland, Ore to Chicago for about $1200.00 delivered to my door in an enclosed van. Probably more now with fuel prices up, BUT diesel fuel prices are actually down right now because refineries are not making fuel oil for home heating = more diesel = too much supply= lower price.

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i prefer craigslist because i get to keep all the money i make selling the car. with any kind of middleman, you'll end up paying some amount of your sale to that person.
in any event, the absolute fasted way to sell a car is to reduce the price.

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newspaper want ads or local sales paper

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I personally believe that the best way to sell a car is to sell it yourself if possible. I am a Notary Public with an office in my home. I do a lot of car transfers. You will get much more money for your vehicle if you can sell it yourself. Put an ad in a local paper. Park your car in a visible sight on a weekend, such as a mall. I personally have driven around with a for sale sign up in my back window and sold my car. I learned the lesson of selling my car several years ago. I went to trade in my Honda and they offered me 500 dollars. Two weeks later I sold it for 4500 dollars myself. Try to sell it yourself first. Always!!!!!!!!

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i think craigslist is the best way to sell my doesnt coest the money and get more chance to sell it,

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