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Are there any vitamins or herbal supplements that can aid in focus or memory?

Asked by stuff12 (245points) May 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m having trouble focusing during the day

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Do you where glasses, If so when was the last time you got your eye’s checked out? In your case, is it that you can’t remember where you put your glasses?

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You could try taking some ginkgo biloba supplements, I’ve been taking a few pills a day and I think it’s working… always hard to tell though.

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Ginkgo Biloba with Vinpocetine is an awesome product! But like anything , talk to your doctor first, before taking. I know for a fact it works for me!

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I think the Ginkgo Biloba helps my girlfriend. The only problem is she can’t seem to remember to take the darn stuff.

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I know it’s not a vitamin or herb, but are you getting enough sleep?

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I heard blueberries help with memory too.

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