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Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone l am?

Asked by toolaura4ya (275points) May 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I am so sick of my friends constantly sending me mms msgs and I cannot see them unless I write down the info and go to the website! I still can’t figure out why apple would do that! Don’t they know how routine mms sending/receiving has become for some? My phone has also been freezing up lately and I have no clue why. My iPhone is hanging on by a thread here. One of the only reasons I don’t want yp get rid of it are for some of its other features. Why haven’t we had a software upgrade in so long? Can you relate?

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I love my Iphone, never caused me any grief. Have you tried deleting Iphone history, chache, cookies, then turn the thing completely off? might stop it from freezing. Good luck.

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also you could try restoring it in iTunes… Plus once the new firmware is released, your specific problem will likely be resolved with a third party app.

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I’m loving mine…...I’m not crazy about the service from the carrier, but the phone I can’t fault – except desperately longing for a copy/paste function!!

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I hear their is a new Iphone coming out very soon. It will be 3G, and slimmer. That’s only what I hear so don’t quote me on that.

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Im just getting sick of typing on the touchscreen… and not having a nice solid AIM service like the sidekick had

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Yes I agree fallstand!

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My only complaint is the speaker volume. I’d consider moving up to the new phone if they fixed that issue.

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I think that things will get beter when the 2.0 update comes out. Plus its first generation so you have to expect some bugs.

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I commend Apple for getting rid of the shitty SMS picture messages. Mobile devices need to move towards sending higher quality images through EMAIL. Not terrible quality thumbnails that are being pushed around by everyone’s RAZR’s.

They’re taking the first step in the right direction. Everyone freaked out too when they didn’t include a floppy disk in the iMac. “OMG, THERE’S NO FLOPPY! ARE THEY CRAZY!?”

As far as your software issues go. I can almost guarantee a restore will fix your problem. If it doesn’t work the first time, make sure that you don’t restore from the backup the second time. Start with a clean slate, and sync all of your contacts, photos, etc. from there.

The iPhone is great, it’s pushing the otherwise stagnant mobile market forward.

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when will the firmware be released?

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The last software update to 1.1.4 was back in February.

The next update for current iPhones is expected to be 2.0, sometime in June. That will open up the iPhone to third-party application developers. Those developers have been playing with a beta version of the SDK for months now. That means that, when Apple does formally rollout the 2.0 update, third-party apps should be following hot on its heels.

Apple doesn’t comment much on upcoming products. And so don’t be surprised if dates change slightly, or if additional functionality is announced.

The next, what’s being called “3G iPhone”, is also expected to be released sometime around June or so. The expectation is that it will run the 2.0 software, too and benefit from third-party development as well.

To me, what this means is the current iPhone owners will be well-supported into the future with an incredible breadth of new functionality on the horizon. As for the “3G iPhone”, no one really knows what it will look like (rumors abound that it’s both thicker and thinner, wrapped completely in plastic and metal, etc.) Nor do they know what its formal name will actually be. It might even come in several versions/prices.

And finally, it seems like the virtual vs. physical keyboard will always be up for debate. Ultimately, it’s likely just a matter of taste and personal preference.

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Anyone look at Tech Republic before? I read through them taking a brand new iPhone apart and putting it back together again. They were a little puzzled to find a 3G labelled SIM card inside. Anyone here ever pulled their SIM card out so thus can be confirmed? Is it possible the original iPhone’s will be backwards compatible?

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The 2.0 firmware is on schedule for June and has some really nice new features. Business users are going to love the Exchange support.

MMS is not present yet, not to say that it won’t be. But it is not in the current build.

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I love my iPhone! Sorry yours is giving you so much grief.

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I loved it until I got water damaged… Now every 5 minutes a message pops up saying a device is not made for iPhone and wants it to go into airplane mode which drains the battery and is extremely annoying. So now its either spend $200 extra for a new one ($700 total for a 4gig) or wait and see what happens this june

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I’m getting sick of my iPhone. The camera can’t even zoom and you can’t take video. Kinda lame. Mine feezes every once in a while too. The Internet is extremely slow and most of the time it barely works. I expected more for the amount of money I paid. I mean honestly, I’ve seen phones priced way cheaper that have alot more features. The other thing is that apple knows what they’re doing, they just make way more money releasing each little upgraded product one by one. Look how Many diff iPods that are out now. Apple is such a scam. I also love how no other device in the world is compatible with the built in iPod. I can’t connect to my car radio. I guess we just paid all this money for the virtual keyboard.

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I like my iPhone but it has been having flaws. I sometimes send double texts and when I have a call waiting it completely freezes up. I haven’t jailbroken my iPhone and am waiting for the update in June.

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So your only complaint is that you can’t receive MMS messages? I think you forget how shitty other phones are. Anyway, why not just jailbreak your phone and install the MMS app? I haven’t tried it, but the solution is right there if you want it.

By the way, I’m still amazed by my iPhone. There’s no way I could go back now.

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I love my iPhone.
You could try crashing it when it freezes, that might help out. Hold down the top button and the home button at the same time and it just restarts your phone.

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my pet hate is the numeric keypad in the phone app. Its ugly and not as nice as the keypad that appears during a call.

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@Qualitycontrol, please post a link to a video recorded from a cellphone that anyone would want to watch for more than 10secs. Plus the zooms on camera phone’s are just digital, so it doesn’t improve the quality at all, I.e. It’s the same as dione the pinch &spread.

I’ve been blown away with this crazy little thing and am so stoked for the update.

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if anyone doesn’t love their iPhone, then your needs in a phone are way to simple. If you consider all the functions offered in the iphone, you can ‘t find anything else that even comes close. I could never go back to my old cell. This technolgy is so awesome. I use every function on it.

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well I restored my phone and so far it seems to be working a bit faster.

To all: we all have different preferences in a cell phone. Yes, I do agree that the iPhone is among the best cell phones to be had. Maybe (hopefully), I will eat my complaints when the sdk’s are released!

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LOVE my phone even more than when I bought it six months ago.

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if you restart your phone daily, it helps.
mine freezes a lot when I’m using more than one application.
I don’t like how late my text messages appear. (10 minutes after they were sent?) and some people don’t even recieve mine. it’s irksome.

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Apple obviously agree that MMS is not a good use of technology when you can send a photo to multiple recipients for free by e-mail!

Needless to say, I love mine.

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Lozza I agree with u but until everyone has email access on their phone it makes it hard to send pictures. Its all a steady transition right?

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W00t!! I got EDGE working (it only took the carrier 3 weeks and numerous suggestions that it was the iPhone/Apple’s fault before they figured out how to fix it) and I couldn’t love my iPhone more!!
wildflower is a happy bunny :)

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I hate my iPhone so bad… it is not a phone…. it is a pathetic toy, you cannot forward contacts, or send or receive mms messages or forward text messages, bluetooth is crippled, you cannot bluetooth anything to another phone, flash will not work in the browser, the dam thing needs to be rebooted constantly, my old sony ericsson did everything the iphone does except it had a small screen.. my 16gb iphone 3G will soon be a feature on youtube, being smashed by a heavy hammer… I hate it so much and more everyday, had to stop using it to save my sanity!!

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