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Will the new iPhone 3G be able to send MMS messages like any other phone?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 9th, 2008 from iPhone

I heard that some people said that those phone couldn’t send MMS like other phones, that’s a BIG CON to me, will the one capable of do that?

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not sure, but i don’t think so, then again, i don’t think it’s important to most iphone users

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so how do you do when you want to send a picture to another phone?

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i’d just email it

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Pictures can be sent through emails.

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to be honest, i know no one in my social ring who uses MMS, all the devices have it, no one uses it, so my guess is that apple decided for you, and seeing as there are good alternatives, why complain? ;)

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I suppose we could see a third party application that would handle multimedia text. But, it doesn’t look as though it’s supported as part of the manufacturers software.

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so what would have you like the new iPhone to have that it doesn’t? I’m trying to figure it out if I want or not..

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Check out Engadget’s coverage of the WWDC today…

At the 11:04am mark, it says:

Apple will maintain a persistent IP connection to the phone, where a 3rd party server can ping Apple’s notification service to your device. It can push badges, sounds, and custom textual alerts (like how SMS overlays look).

“The great thing about this: it scales… it’s a unified push notification service for all devs. It preserves battery life and maintains performance. And it all works over the air—WiFi and cellular. Available in September, but next month we’ll be seeding to devs.

There’s some screenshots there showing a “cloud” hosted by Apple that talks to the iPhone. So, to me, it sounds like they’re building a new way that makes sense for the iPhone via 3rd party apps, and that it should be able to simulate MMS messages between you and your non-iPhone friends.

Just my interpretation, though.

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