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Where can I find "For-Life" Fundraising Opportunities?

Asked by sushilovinfun (161points) September 1st, 2011

I am looking for a way to raise funds for travel and lodging for 3 upcoming conferences I am attending. I was thinking of using for it, but they explicitly don’t allow you to raise funds for “For-Life” projects. Do you have any advice, or possibly any websites where such funding could be supported? I suppose I could create my own site and Paypal account, but I would prefer something more uniform and official.

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What is “For-Life” fundraising?

There are all sorts of conferences and seminars I would like to attend, but I always considered those the type of things that should be personally funded.

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@YoBob For better or worse, I committed to participate on a number of panels at these conferences.

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Write or phone the conference organizers and find out if they have financial assistance for panel members or possible contacts for donations.

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This may be overly obvious but local churches? Perhaps a local university will have a student group that supports the cause and will pay you to attend conferences so that you will come back and do a talk on what you learned. If you want to go the online route, perhaps you could create a facebook page.

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Register with a Charity Sponsor such as Every time a participant does an internet search (powered by Yahoo), a donation is made to the charity.

I believe Google has a similar program, maybe Google Grants Program

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