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What are possible ideas for fundraising for a school club?

Asked by smile1 (493points) May 2nd, 2010

My robotics club needs to fundraise about 15,000 (about ⅓ of that may be easy to get scholarships), and we need ideas as to how to fundraise all of that money.

We have previously successfully fundraised 3,000 on a dinner/auction fundraiser. We are planning to do that for this coming year again, but we dont know what else to do!

Also, we plan to have various sales at our schools, and we were thinking about making simple little keychains that are really cool to sell. And also small little art things… like..hard clay made keychains… but we dotn know what else we can do for this!!

ANY ideas will be greatly helpful!!!


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Let me Google that for you

Showing off your robotics work will earn you some coin. That is, if your club actually gets anything done.

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Our school clubs often do “candygrams.” Students pay $1or so to write a message to another student and have a small piece of candy attached to it, which the club delivers to said recipients. They’re very successful around holidays or big events, such as senior graduation.

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The best way I raised money in high school was through pledge drives. People pledged a certain amount of money per activity, like a dollar a car washed, ten dollars per mile ran. And each person on our team came up with as many donors as we could. We would usually raise $300–500 per person each time we had a pledge drive. It worked wonders for our sorely lacking funds. And it made people feel a lot better about giving us money because we were doing something to earn it.

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make robots?

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circuit board jewelry and these

I would pay someone money to show me how to use all the features on my cell phone.

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car wash, bake sale, slave auctions, cookie dough,

rock a thon with pledges

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If there is a Krispy Kreme near your school, you could have a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. Talk to the manager of Krispy Kreme and tell him you’re doing a fundraiser and you can get sign-up sheets for him. Then pass out the sheets to kids in your school and give them two weeks to pre-sell doughnuts and collect the money. Turn in the sheets a couple of days before delivery day, and then on delivery day, make your deliveries. You buy the doughnuts at a discount and then sell them at full retail. The difference is your profit.

You can read more about it here:

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Bake sale, school store, coffie house, dance, car wash, randome money jars though out the school.

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