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Would you smash with your fist the last of a rare species of butterfly for an all-expenses-paid trip for two weeks to a location of your choice?

Asked by benjamin6 (148points) May 6th, 2008

Assume that, if you didn’t smash it, scientists could reproduce the butterfly so the species can live on. If you smash it, the entire species ends.

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ofcourse not, what an absurd question

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No… I don’t like smashing up butterflies.
But, I might kill a mosquito at the expense of the holiday just so I could get a good night’s sleep.

I dunno, the two week all-expense paid isn’t enough of a draw for me. If there is somewhere that I want to go that bad, I’d save up to do that. These days I feel that air travel is so costly for the environment I feel that I need to really justify flying to places.

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Wait, why not? The species probably died out for a good reason, no?

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…because some guy was offering to pay everyone’s vacation!?

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The guy isn’t asking us to eradicate the entire species—if there’s only butterfly left, the species would be eliminated anyway without human intervention.

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no niki, as mister omniscience tells us “if you didn’t smash it, scientists could reproduce the butterfly so the species can live on. ” so there

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Nope. Not a chance

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Na. That ones not worth it.

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No becaus sure some tree hugged would bribe me not to then I could pay for things of my choicei

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I would smash it, and save it! Give it to a scientist, so they could extract the DNA, and reproduce it! All the while, my wife and I would be living it up, on our dream vacation!

Everyone who said No, you screwed up! It’s a butterfly!

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More than 99% of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct. Why should this butterfly be any different?

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because I did it. I am weird that way. I feel guilty for thinking things I don’t do. Serious guilt issues here.

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Can I just shake my fist at it and get like a weekend in Mexico?

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How ‘bout this, I will smash it after the scientists reproduce it, that way the naturists and I both win.

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What about taunting it into a depressed state and sits still long enough for the scientists to do their thing? “I’ve seen prettier ink blot tests, you fly like your drunk, i wouldn’t do you if you were the last of your kind” that kind of thing?

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have you ever heard of the butterfly effect. it is said that a flap of a butterflies wings can alter the path of a tornado. (both literally and figuratively) it ties into the chaos theory. read this, or read the book A Sound Of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, for more details. there was also a crappy ashton kutcher movie that followed this theory.

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@ Mtl zack – The gentleman who came up with that theory recently passed away.

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thats too bad. he had a great mind even though he discovered the theory my mistake. he typed the wrong number of significant figures into a computer and got different results. he may have been the one to finally solve global warming, is what my dad and uncle think.

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ewww but think… Do I really want butterfly guts all on me?

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Right. The story I heard mentioned that. It also mentioned the size a butter fly would have to be to actually effect the weather. I am afraid I don’t remember what it was though.

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I would CRUSH it without thinking twice. Then probably think: “My God, what have I done?”. But still be happy I did it in the end.

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basically, it teaches that everything has a purpose and that if a butterfly doesnt flap one wing correctly, that could affect the air around it, which could affect a greater system around that, and an even greater system will be affected. eventually, a tornado could form and kill another species, which disrupts the food chain, and the wires that hold the earth together snap, one by one.

but if the butterflies wings flap ok, then that would never happen and the timeline would change dramatically. we go from point A to point B in a straight line, but the butterflies wings would cause an event to happen which would make point A—>C—>D—>E—>F and finaly—>B. its like a train moving from on the tracks to off the tracks and then ending up where its supposed to go. it just had a lot to deal with during the ride.

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Only two weeks?? Nope.

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No, but I would squish a cockroach for a Klondike bar!

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Well, I guess not with my fist.

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I would because I have a fiancé and I value my man parts.

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Nope. If i did, it wouldn’t be worth it.
Throughout the whole vacation nature enthusiasts and wildlife protectors would be hunting you down wherever you go with guns. Big ones.

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Of course I would its just a bug I wish I could also make all Mosquitos and Roaches vanish forever.

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I love me some non-hippies!

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The butterfly? No. The incompetent, menopausal dean of students at my school? I would happily run over with a Mack truck-for two DAYS vacation! I wouldn’t even need to be tempted with two weeks!

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