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I need help to find very cheap senior housing.

Asked by YARNLADY (44846points) September 7th, 2011

My son’s Mother in Law and Grandmother in Law need housing in the South Sacramento area. Their income is SSI and Social Security and nothing else. Can you help?

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Have they considered moving up I-5 into Oregon. It isn’t that far away and we don’t have sales tax which really helps people on fixed incomes. Medford is kinda close and has really cheap housing.

I’m just tossing out ideas.

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You can find listings for any geographical area on the govt. site for HUD.

Some people think that the only rental options are with a Section 8 voucher. Those have long waiting lists depending upon population density.

However, there are subsidized apts. for Seniors. In this case the section 8 designation is for the building rather than the individual renters.

Some buildings have long wait times but others do not. It really depends upon each building. You can get a complete booklet of listings for the area and then apply to the buildings that fit their needs.

When living in subsidized housing, the rental amount cannot exceed 30% of their total income. This is a very affordable option for those on low fixed income.

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I was just on Craigslist looking at apartments and found this. It’s about an hour from South Sac, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

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@8Convulsions Thanks, but they have no transportation, and must remain close to their medical facility in the southern part of Sacramento.

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I would ask at the medical facility in Sacramento if they are aware of housing options for seniors in the area.

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@Kayak8 thanks, that’s a good idea. I will call them and ask.

I have done a search on “senior housing” but it all seems to be care homes that charge a fortune.

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@bkcunningham Thank you so much. I didn’t know about the HUD site.

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