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I want to get a cheap place to stay in LONDON?

Asked by pathfinder (1074points) September 9th, 2011

I like to get in to london on the fall time.DO you know any places like hostels, hotels.Can you write to me some adresses fo those places.Thanks.

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Palmer’s Lodge is a nice place and quite reasonably priced, especially if you are prepared to sleep in a dorm. It is popular and books up quickly.

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Here’s a list of the Top 10 cheap hotels in London with prices and reviews.

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You might be able to lodge with the Salvation Army for cheap, though you won’t be getting terribly impressive accommodations.

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I would normally suggest the William Booth College (sally army) but at the moment it’s being renovated so out of action.

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A couple of weeks ago I stayed at The Winchester Pub Hotel and, although it is about 20 mins by tube into the centre of London, it is very reasonable in price.

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I seem to remember there being some cheap hostels in Earl’s Court.

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