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What are nice romance adventure movies to watch?

Asked by jessyamr (143points) September 11th, 2011

I need some romance English movies to watch, with a little adventure if possible. I believe I asked a similar question before, but it would be nice to have new recommendations :D
Thank you in advance

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Natural Born Killers was terrific, but it is very disturbing, and kind of graphic. But either way, there’s a totally adorable romance underneath it all! Also, if you like musicals, and the Beatles, Across the Universe is a good movie.

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I recommend the Hallmark Love Stories.

Love comes softly
Love Enduring promive
Love’s Long Journey
Love’s Abiding Joy
Love’s Unending Legacy
Love’s Unfolding dream
Love Takes Wing
Love Finds a Home

I think you will like them, anyway they are interconnected. Nice family and romantic movies ^^

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Try North By Northwest ( Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint ) It’s more of a suspense thriller but it’s very smart and very much potent for a 1959 film. It’s a classic and the underlying romantic thread packs a wallop for any man who ever fell for a desirable woman.

It may not be an exotic adventure like Romancing the Stone but the same romantic excitement is all there, with a more scorching lady. Yeah, Eva Marie Saint was a real turn on on that movie. And she pulled that off in 1959 without showing her whatever like Sharon Stone.

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Jane Eyre (the original)

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Romancing the Stone
The Man From Snowy River

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Sense and Sensibility (the version with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson)
Love Actually
Truly, Madly Deeply
Becoming Jane
Lost in Austen
Something’s Gotta Give
The Painted Veil
The Illusionist
Murphy’s Romance
A Little Romance
Somewhere in Time
What’s Up Doc
My First Mister
Shop Girl
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Henderson Presents
Dracula (the one with Frank Langella)
Snow Cake
Romantic Comedy
Nights in Rodanthe

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The African Queen

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@Rheto_Ric‘s onto something with The African Queen.

The English Patient was another great flick, though, it’s more drama a lot more drama than adventure.

Amelie is adorable. It’s very subtly adventurous once you get into the character ethos.

Jackie Brown was brilliant. Its romance is done so skillfully you just sense it.

Fight Club, too. It had a bizarre romance going for it.

(500) Days Of Summer. There’s not much adventure to it, I just liked it…

Gilda, of course.

On the Waterfront, The Wild One and Last Tango in Paris were all romantic Marlon Brando films.

Rebel Without a Cause, too, great film.

And, of course, Casablanca.

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Do you mean movies set in England? How about “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”, “Shakespeare in Love”, “Camelot”, “Excalibur”,.

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