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Recently, someone described you as being?

Asked by Jude (32098points) September 11th, 2011

like Anais Nin. Feminine, appears to be gentille, a quiet/calm confidence, yet, underneath she’s dangerous, adventurous and unpredictable. Sexually aggressive.

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A martyr

apparently this person was having a bad day.~

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Dysfunctional. My daughter told me she didn’t want to be part of this dysfunctional family anymore. She is about to have her 4th baby, is hormonal and not being very nice. I think she has painted herself into a corner and I’m trying to figure out how to offer her a graceful way out. She is going to need my help in the next few months, but she’s not even talking to me right now. :-(

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@Judi I’m sorry that this is happening. :(

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Cold and crazy makingly unemotional.

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I get Jesus & Hippie alot


I was described as being “tanned.” Some lady asked if I just came back from a vacation somewhere. “You look all tanned. Were you on holiday somewhere?,” she asked me. “No, I always look like this,” I replied with a forced chuckle. Sigh.

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A candy man / grandmother. I almost always carry sweets that I like to give out (Such as Riesens), and also force upon my friends. When they eventually give in and eat the candy, some comment on how I act like their grandmothers, giving them lots of sweets, and since I usually have candy at all times, I’m like a “candy man”.

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Basically, openly misanthropic. Who’da thunk? lulz.

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Handsome, by my wife.

Instead of thanking her for the compliment, I said something to her like, “I think that’s more applicable to the guy on your right.”.

I’ll try to remember to thank her.

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Emotionally depressed. I laughed because the other person misunderstood me in so many ways and after a few hours he came and apologized. It was funny though.

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A little too horny. Someone else’s words, not mine!

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A smart ass. (unfortunately it was my boss). also, she used some very nasty expletives too

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“A great guy”......Oh yeah!

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A buzzkill
Hurt my feelings =/

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Staying out too late….

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Disconnected, I was written out of someone’s life as a result.

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“Adorable” (I love you, Auggie!)

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“Cool as hell”


“A real man”

are the two that stick out in my mind the most.

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I’ve been described as being very cool, calm and collected during stressful times. I do like to appear emotionally strong for others….. If only they knew the turmoil I suffer within.

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A member of the grammar police, when it was actually an issue of usage.

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“the caring mother”, my dad always called me that because I take care of my little brother a lot.
Oh I love them both

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And Milo just called me “humdrum” and “predictable.”

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Smart ass and meanie butt face (seriously, you’re 20 and the best you can come up with is talking like a 3rd grader?)

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“a worry bug”.

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“A real prize”. I overheard two people talking about me and one said to the other my fiancee must be lucky marrying better than arm candy this time.

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A hardworker by my husband

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A lifesaver. I’m not sure which flavor.

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A talented cook. This came from my aunt, who is one of the most amazing gourmet cooks I’ve ever met. So I felt very glad that she likes my cooking : )

Also my SO said that I was obsessed. He was referring to my enthusiastic thoughts about The Nanny (he’s the one who introduced me to that show 6 months ago).

A capable writer. My mom said this about me, and added that most people cannot string together the words to create a comprehensible sentence. Thanks Mom : ) She is probably the most literate person I know and I often go to her for advice about spelling, word definitions and sentence structure.

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A frumpy old woman, by my mother. She hates it when I wear sweatpants to lounge in. Haha.

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@KateTheGreat OMG! You’re the hottest girl on Fluther! LOL : )

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@Kardamom Are you kidding? Fluther is full of beautiful women. But thank you!

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Hard to answer your question…

I’ve been called both brilliant and ignorant. Sensitive and jaded. Attractive and ugly.

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Strong. Yep. That’s me. I can bench press . . . oh. I guess they didn’t mean my arms. I do seem strong to others, but inside as @AmWiser said, not so.

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A perfectionist – by somebody who has never seen the inside of my car or house, obviously.

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Dad by my baby bro… I don’t know if I should be irritated or happily amused.

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A well dressed Amazon. A while back, I went to visit a friend on a Saturday afternoon. Except, on most Saturday afternoons, I’ve been up for like forty five minutes. This occasion was no different. All I did was brush my teeth and wash my face, but I didn’t do anything about my hair. Got dressed and, being aware of my grungy appearance, took special attention to fix up my clothes and hurried over there.

It didn’t work, and my friend laughed and said I looked like an Amazon looking for a job, or something. I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but along those lines here lol. None of that would have happened if she hadn’t phoned me and woke me up though. XD

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