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If you had to listen to one artist, and one artist only, for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Asked by ddude1116 (5575points) September 12th, 2011

So the evil witch, Abaddon, appears before you out of green flame and billows of smoke in all her horror and casts a spell on you. From this day forth, until the day you die, you can only listen to one artist; the next you happen to hear.

However, you are fortunate, for as soon as this witch leaves in the fibers of her horrid laughter, the angel Sidhe comes to you in sunlight and clouds and offers you to choose who it is you hear next. Who is it you choose?

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The Q makes sense but the details confuse me…

Definitely Jose Gonzalez. I could listen to his intricate guitar and soothing vocals forever. His music is so simple but I find myself listening again and again.

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Jack White.

A little rock and a little blues…..... I’m content.

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Weird Al… Weird Al Yankovic

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Elvis Costello.

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My own singing. ;)

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Bruce Springsteen. He is the boss. Bow now.

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Skillet for sure.

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Can one pick themself? I would love to hear myself sing from time to time.

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The Police.

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I really have to say Conor Oberst. I suppose I’m limited to just one specific band of his, so I’d go with Bright Eyes.

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