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What do you think of the movie American Psycho?

Asked by shrubbery (10251points) May 8th, 2008

I know people who love it, I know people who hate it, I know people who think it’s clever and I know people who think it’s disgusting. There’s some history with it about feminism too. What’s your view? I’m asking about the movie because I haven’t as yet read the book, anyone who’s read it: is it worth it?

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i realy realy love it, and i end making references to where he’s doing those girls with the camera on, and flexing his muscles, oh man, im gonna watch that tonight

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I really liked it. I had no idea what it was about before I saw, so it was a little shocking. Very entertaining though!

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I fell asleep, I also fell asleep within the first 5 minutes of saving private Ryan. I thought American psycho was going to be a lot better than it was. You should watch Newsies after watching American psycho, seeing Christian bale singing and dancing in a musical will really trip you out

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It has a “killer” soundtrack. :D

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haha @ cheebdragon, I reckon that would trip me out, I think Christian Bale is great in American Psycho, I’ll have to look into Newsies. I’m really ashamed to say it but I also found saving private ryan extremely boring…
I need to return some videos…

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I thought it was awesome and the acting was superb.

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I was very pleased with how close to the book it was
I was on a Bret Easton Ellis kick when i watched it so i was pretty critical

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I remembered the book being better. All that narration about what everyone is wearing, etc. makes more sense in book form, although it does get a little bit tedious.

Also, we have a user here who goes by Patrick_Batemen, FYI.

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The movie was good the book was even better. As a woman, I never understood the feminist problem with it. I thought the violence and brutality was making more of a statement about consumerism then about feminism. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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It was an eh movie. Like to me it seemed like they didnt explain enough and went for that whole ohhhhhhh let the viewer decide what happens. Thats bullshit. I dont watch a movie so i can sit there and guess about what really happened just tell the damn story. Its kind of hard to figure out which killings really happened and which didnt. It was entertaining and did have some great lines in it as well as a good soundtrack and bale did a great job. I just feel like it could have been much better. Defoe’s character seemed completely pointless in the movie and then just disappears with no explanation what so ever. All in all ok movie but highly over rated.

Or maybe im just cranky because i didn’t have my shiatsu this morning. Im gonna go drink some diet coke some caffeine should get me out of this slump :P

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@uberbatman, you wouldn’t like donnie darko then?

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im gonna watch the movie again tonight, btw… this thread has sparked my enthusiasm again

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@shrubbery i thought it was ok again very very over rated

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@uberbatman, yeah that’s fair enough if you don’t like guessing what really happened, it’s not everyone’s piece of cake. But I do love it and I love discussing the different theories with my friends. One that I have trouble with however is The Shining, as I feel that it sort of ends on a “WTF?!” and doesn’t even give hints to try to explain it :P

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@shrubbery think thats confusing go watch Muholland drive.

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Im sorry, but I have to say it….....the matrix was over rated! It was good when it came out but after the 2nd and 3rd movies came out I seriously can’t help but think “WTF! Was the story about??” does anyone else understand what was going on? were we all too impressed with the action scenes to really think about the rest of the movie?

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@cheeb – all of the Matrix movies had the philosophical classics @ their core. For instance, the first Matrix is primarily Plato’s cave allegory. Most of the character names are references to Greek mythology or have a biblical root. For instance, Morpheus is a god of dreams; Trinity for the holy trinity.

I didn’t like the second movie as much because they packed it with so many philosophical references, that it all just got lost in the shuffle. The third movie was a little better and focused on a few schools of thought, but still not as good as the original. IMHO

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@cheebdragon: Saving Private Ryan was terrific. Have you earned it? American Psycho was also good. I enjoy dark movies.

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