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Why do movies, tv shows and commercials all seem to use Apple computers?

Asked by AshlynM (10610points) September 18th, 2011

Any character is seen using an Apple computer to conduct research on the internet, chat or homework. Why Apple?

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Apple products, unlike PC’s or other technology, represent an image. They are also more expensive and generally viewed as superior (although not everyone holds this view), and this could factor into the legitimacy of whatever is being portrayed. Additionally, most film people own Apple computers and notebooks due to their superior editing capabilities.

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Advertisement. You see it, you want it. Apple can very easily pay any given price to advertise their product in any high profile film, show, etc.

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Apple has said multiple times that it doesn’t pay for product placement but instead provides the computers and services for free.

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Watch hackers, or war games, or some other movies like that, good luck seeing a mac XD

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I think they just look cool and kinda generic. a piece of duct tape and poof! generic laptop.

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I always thought they stood out. The original iMac was very distinct and brightly coloured, and even now it’s still distinct. Hell, all Apple products are. Even in shows where they use a fake brand it’s usually styled after Apple. Actually, the only one I’m familiar with is Nickelodeon shows like Drake & Josh that have the Pear computer, which is shockingly similar to Apple.

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Apple computers are known for being minimalistic. A movie scene usually attempts to focus on just the computer screen or what is going on around the computer. A branded PC with Intel Xeon inside and Runs Windows 7!! stickers on the case distracts the eye from the main focus of the scene.

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For ex: In the movies, The Glass House and Legally Blonde, the main character is seen using an orange and white clamshell laptop.

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Apple pays for product placement.

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@Vortico There’s a lot more choices as far as casing goes, than there are with any Mac.
I don’t think it would be hard to find a case without any wording on any part of it’s surface.
In addition, the large glowing apple all their laptops feature on the case is fairly distracting.

I think they are simply more stylish, and looks better than a standard not fancy cased PC.
Of course, you could make a computer that looks way cooler, but that would require effort.
The movie or show also probably has the budget to blow on pricey computers, or Mac might just give it to them for the sake of advertising.

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Better for what?


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After seven laptops I bought a macbook pro.
Doesn’t overheat like my HP did.
Doesn’t blue screen like my HP and thinkpad did.
Isn’t full of trial software when you buy it.

It’s simple, rugged, well built, elegant, easy to use, and dependable.
I can’t say the thing thing about any PC notebook I’ve ever had.
That’s why Mac’s are better.

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You can’t program freely
You can’t hack the OS as much as a windows OS
You can barely do any hardware upgrades
There are no games for macs, but all the artsy stuff for Macs has better PC versions
If you know how to use a PC properly you will never, ever have a problem.
Macs are carriers for PC viruses, forwarding them through files and emails.

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Macs are good for internet browsing, and photo editing, and music to some point, but any truly powerfull program is PC,because macs have crap hardware that you can’t upgrade

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Apple is the second most highly valued company in the world. Market value. They didn’t get that way by producing products no one wants. Microsoft is somewhere down the list.

What was the last Microsoft product that developed a waiting list and people standing in line just to wait for the privilege of BUYING one of its products? I can remember none. Yet exactly that happens every time Apple brings out a new iPhone or iPad.

Apple is a superior company with superior products. That’s why they cost most.

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The creative industry cares a lot about design. They like Apple because they like the design of the hardware and the GUI.

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It’s Apple’s PR people jumping at the opportunity to get more screen-time. They used to supply computer labs back in the day for the same reason.

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There’s probably a little bit of perceptual bias in there with the actual frequency of Apple product placement. Once you notice something for the first time, your brain is keyed to notice it again. One could make a strong case for he brain being a contextual pattern-recognition engine. It’s a crucial tool for a language teacher, as it’s a key component in learning.

What’s most amazing is how much information the brain discards.

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Perhaps it’s recognition. What is the logo for Dell? Hp? Sony? Samsung? I don’t know…but when I see that Apple icon…I know what I am looking at. I see a lot of pcs in film and TV but it is much easier to identify an Apple. I also agree that it’s designed to be a beauty, so creative people choose it for it’s looks…but ALSO…for its creative applications and capabilities.

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