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If you get to name your own USS Starship, what would it be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) September 23rd, 2011

I’m thinking mine could be the USS Starship Kick-Ass. Lol.

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I would call it
USS Starship.

I’m very creative with names.

I had a cat once. I named it Koshka. Koshka means cat, in Russian. Like I told you. Very creative. Once I had considered having my name changed to “Person.” I’m glad I didn’t. If I’d done that, then I’d have had to change it to “Alien” after a while. Sigh.

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USS SST ok…I’m tryin!

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USS Avatar

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USS Jefferson Air Ship!

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USS Sakitomi ( in honor of Sulu, suck it to me, see? )

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Been waiting for the next answer from @Seek_Kolinahr

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I’d take the USS Solidarity (NCC-4217). That’s just such a powerful word. It would be a support vessel for developing Federation colonies – shipping people and necessary freight in and out, rendering assistance and protection when needed.

I’d also rather like the exploration vessel USS Enigma (NCC-3698-B). Perhaps a Miranda-class vessel. Nothing too big.

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HMS Valiant…….

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USS Fluther.

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Star Ship Bifrost, the bridge to Asgard. It would have to be painted in rainbow colors though.

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Klingon Commander – Fire on Solidarity!

Klingon helmsman – Firing disruptors!

Klingon Commander – No wait! Solidarity, that’s sweet. Target Enigma instead. I hate mysteries.

Klingon helmsman – Firing photon torpedoes! With extreme prejudice!

KlingonCommander – Hold fire! Enigma, hmm, cool name actually.

Klingon helmsman – Enemy torpedoes full impact 2 seconds! Klingon Bird of Prey Dodo Bird destruction imminent! Commander, you’re an idio—

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It depends. What class of starship is it?

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Thanks. Now I have to clean coffee off my neighbor’s computer. Oi!

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USS Archer

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The Good Ship Lollipop

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Starship Jurisprudence

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USS-R Glasnost Comrade Jerkmiov ;¬}

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When I finally get my own kayak, I have been planning on naming it The Chimaera, after Grand Admiral Thrawn’s flagship. And yes, that is Star Wars, not Trek. No one has better ship names than the Imperials. My partner is going to name his The Ragnarok. :)

So it’s the USS Chimaera for me, unless my kayak already has the name. Then I’ll just name it after one of the other Imperial Star Destroyers. Probably the Judicator.

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Of course it would be the USS Jean Luc Picard!

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USS Avant-Garde

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@Rarebear It’s a class uh….VI. Right. VI. Warship. Top Secret class VI Warship. The USS WeGonnaKickYerAss.

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@Dutchess_III I didn’t realize it was a warship. I’m amending my answer to USS Robert Irvine.

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K. USS Mohammad Ali!

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USS Franklin Roosevelt

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USS Ennys. [Because someone doesn’t want this name for a girl :( ]

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USS Reverie

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Hmmm, I’d steal a line from Brewster Rockit, and name it the USS Indestructible 2.
(don’t ask what happened to the Indestructible 1)

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USS Drakkar. Space Vikings, but with a peace flag. :)

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USS Titanic (that’s what happened to it @filmfann)!

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USS Weaton Smasher… Or Canadia 2056

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USS Klavierstein

Actually, I wrote about the starship Klavierstein in one of my stories. It wasn’t set in the Star Trek universe, though.

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