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Having trouble with Campfire... Again?

Asked by eambos (8909points) May 8th, 2008

I know there was a problem a few weeks ago, but now using the new URL I still cannot get in. Is it locked, was the URL changed or is it just my computer?

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I know there has been a few problems lately, but as of right now I can get into both at these URLs:

The Watering Hole:
The Man O’ War:

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@fury has exemplified the problem. And johnpowell helped me resolve earlier today.

The links you want to bookmark are:

Watering Hole:
Man o’ War:

If you try to use the links with the “room” in the url, they won’t work properly… and cause you to be prompted for a real login.

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I stand corrected.

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@fury… not your fault. Crazy Campfire url auto-redirect action makes it very confusing.

And @Fluther admins, is it really so hard to add the Watering Hole url to the Contact page??

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Thanks rob and sound! I see that the URLs got changed again. That must be my problem =P

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