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Will mixing different brands of toothpaste make for a super tooth paste?

Asked by rebbel (24817points) September 24th, 2011

I have wondered this for years every week, when I shower ;-) but always forget to ask.
The tooth pastes that I buy are never the same brand, I buy what is on offer or what looks appealing or what I remember from earlier use.
Sometimes there are two or three packages on the shelf in my bathroom.
Now I wonder, looking at what they do (some have fluroids, some have whiteners, others work to avoid calculus, and others still are good for your gums, etc.), will/would mixing those different products/brands deliver one super tooth paste that fights all areas and is beneficial to your whole set of dentures?
Or will I get a paste that doesn’t work at all?

The same question I have for shampoos, by the way…

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I think it will not make any difference to your teeth,

I buy one of the ones that does everything.

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Interesting question.

You’re more likely to create a “more damaging” toothpaste. My dentist mentioned this to me last week. “Toothpaste abuse” (and he wasn’t kidding) is becoming a real problem with people using more “whitening” toothpastes and brushing harder and more frequently.

Too much toothpaste can damage teeth. No kidding.

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The first thing I thought of was the woman who mixed bleach and ammonia to create “super cleaner” and died. Toxic combination, deadly fumes.

Doubt anything like this would happen with toothpaste, but I wouldn’t risk it either.

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I have sensitive teeth, so I’m pretty stuck with toothpastes that help with that.

You can get mouthwash to cover the other bases though, or when you want just a little more dental hygiene without being too abrasive on your gums too frequently.

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I wouldn’t use commercial tooth paste. I use this stuff: it’s freaking amazing. My teeth have never felt better.

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This is a damn good question, Rebbel. :)

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this is an awesome question. BEST I’ve read in quite a while.

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