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Paper Towels/Toilet Paper, there must be a better way, right?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) March 3rd, 2010

Rolls of paper that cost mucho money, that we flush away to who knows where. It just seems wasteful, and unnecessary. ?

You may all laugh, but let’s be serious about this. It might be a little different than we are used to, but I think there are things that we can do to change our ways.

Washable gloves, scoops, a computerized bidet? It just seems stupid to have to wipe your butt.

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(There is the old Colonial corn cob technique.)

Interestingly enough, in the houses I ‘ve been in in Europe, paper towel is not in great evidence. Two friends of mine had a roll in their pantries but it was not used often.

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I don’t particularly enjoy wiping my butt either.

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You could just use a stick to wipe our butt… OH! You said BETTER… hmmmmmmmm, nope, I got nuthin

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I don’t use paper towels.

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Use water and liquid soap. Most of people in south east Asia use water and liquid soap to clean their butt. Many assume that the wiping thing won’t keep your butt in perfect cleanliness and it’s done by lazier people.

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We really don’t use paper towels in my house. I find them completely unnecessary. Just use a rag. It works just as well and it’s reusable.

As for toilet paper, I don’t know. It’s all I’ve ever known… :\

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@Doctor_D I think washing is a good option, but I think using the bare hand is not an option no matter how fastidiously you wash your hands. Nor would I like to see a run on disposable toilet gloves.

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I use very few paper towels myself and I use fabric napkins all of the time. As for toilet paper, I’ll just say the question once appeared on Answerbag and the answers were hillarious. Most supported the toilets with a handheld water sprayer to replace toilet paper. I see hygenic issues with that unless each person has their own sprayer.

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@LtryptophanI think washing is a good option, but I think using the bare hand is not an option no matter how fastidiously you wash your hands.” That’s why in those cultures, you don’t ever handshake with your left hand. Nor do you eat food with it. It’s your dirty hand.

I don’t see the allure of washing my bum with water (by hand, or by bidet). Then I just have to use more TP to dry myself off.

For now, I just have the peasants wipe me.

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Jump in the shower and use your hands to wipe everything clean! But watch out for clogging.

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I’m not going to budge on toilet paper. Not unless I live in a house with a bidet. Until then I buy the cheapest brand of TP available.

But I much prefer to use sponge cloths instead of paper towels. I use paper towels so rarely that a roll lasts me a year or more (and most likely gets used if I run out of TP and can’t get to the store right away.

You have to really hunt for them nowadays but spongecloths are really great and just go in with the regular wash.

I like them because they cover a much larger area than dish sponges and are more absorbent than just rags.

I’m puzzled by why they are not a more popular item. Then I wouldn’t have to hunt for them :)

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Bidet, doesn’t need to be computerized… there are easy to install units… check this out:

Before TP, there were leaves and grass…

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@MrGeneVan Absolutely not…sick.

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@Buttonstc so what is the difference in hygiene in a sponge cloth and a paper towel, because I think I have been conditioned to think that a sparkling new paper towel is clean enough to get dirty, whereas that uuuuuused sponge cloth is just toooo dirty to get dirty. This is the sort of mentality I think we are fighting.

and @MrGeneVan check out the related thread about showering and not wiping before. I think there is a plumbing thing involved. Your shower is not the proper place to expel waste…I don’t think there is enough flushing going on there even if it is going to the waste water spot.

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I love any opportunity to brag about my toto toilet with washlet! It’s the best!!
Another video!

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and @MrGeneVan check out the related thread about showering and not wiping before. I think there is a plumbing thing involved. Your shower is not the proper place to expel waste…I don’t think there is enough flushing going on there even if it is going to the waste water spot.

This reminds me of the time our toilet refused to flush, yet people continued to use it until it was practically overflowing…someone then got the idea of transferring the contents to the bathtub and just running lots of hot water on it…bad idea.

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@ trypto

The spongecloths can be put in with your clothes to be washed as I mentioned before.

So just use a clean one every day ( or every time if you wish ).

If one is really paranoid about germs, wash them with bleach.

You could also sterilize them in the microwave as can be done with regular sponges.

Just make sure they’re damp and not dry to AVOID FIRE. 30 seconds should do the trick, so I’ve read.

Personally, I’m not that paranoid about germs, but I do use mine for a couple of days and then in the wash.

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@njnyjobs The bidet is the most correct response.

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@Judi Is 1000% correct.

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(you’ll be saying wow every time!)

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In Demolition Man they had the 3 Sea Shells.
I personally like the Cottonelle Moist Wipes.

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There’s always family cloth.

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Wow. That’s not a half bad idea. I think I’ll start cutting up some old t shirts and give it a try.

I still think I’ll use toilet paper for number two, but not having all those little clingy bits has a certain appeal.

I learn something new from Fluther all the time.

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I don’t need paper towels and would rather use washable toweling. As for toilet tissue, I’ve been using flushable wipes for years because they do a more thorough cleaning job and so few are used in the first place.

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@laureth @Judi ok, I think I will do a combination of both. @Judi does this thing really do the trick…does it make a mess? What is going on here, be graphic please. I might invest a couple bux in one.

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I would offer a cerclage and a real strict diet as viable alternatives, but the last time I did that it was modded. Bahahahaha!!

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It has front cleansing, rear cleansing, pulsating, ossilating, drying, a heated seat, a motion sensor to raise the seat and it closes after you leave. It is the best toilet EVER!

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I forgot to say auto flushes too.

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I have one as well. It’s the best thing ever.

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so is the base model sufficient? C110

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I bought the top of the line but for cleaning the base should be fine.

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I was an adult before I knew what the bidet was for. One of my sister’s godmothers had one – to me it was a sort of miniature sink to pee in. It was in Switzerland, where one was provided in each room – it was plastic, mounted on a sort of metal bracket, and stored in the bottom of the wardrobe – that I really learned about its utility. (A daily bath was 6 francs – at that time about $1.00 US). So bathing every day, let alone showering twice a day was absolutely not on. Of course it did not have a hose. There was a sink, and a jug. You can guess the rest.

Of course, most of these substitutes for toilet tissue assume that clean safe water is always available.

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I’ve always used washable, reuseable wipes. I make most of mine out of used t-shirts and cotton underwear. I use the baby wipes for the grandkids, and keep regular paper for guests.

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