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What kind of food do you feed your dog.

Asked by Acrazycouple (195points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

my germanshepherd is a bit on the slim side he’s 11 months..

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i feed my dog gunpowder and bear meat.

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I feed my dog & cats Innova food. My dog is also on the thin side & is not a big eater; I used to call my vet freaking out. He told me since his weight is very consistent & he is the picture of health to just free-feed him. He’s been 13 lbs since he was a year old, so I just force myself to not obsess about it.

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Call of the Wild Salmon

GS Dogs are often on the lean side but you should rule out parasites or other physical problems.

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Halo from petco

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Iams lamb and rice.

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I feed my dog maxximum brand available at walmart. he seems to have gained weight and its premium so there isn’t any fillers, etc.

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How to feed your dog!

Most dog owners are driven by the same instinct namely to care and make the best we can for our friends.

Of course we do.

We train them, we walk them, we take them to the vet at times, and we also give them the right shots and medicines against different threats there are out there.

How about what we give them to eat?

Naturally, you say we can create and mix our own recipe. It’s no big deal and it’s both economical and safe of course. But for many of us this isn’t a realistic option, we don’t have that time to spare, and it’s impractical.

At least not every day! So for some of us there are but one possibility namely to fed our dogs by commercially accessible food.

Do we really know what’s in these boxes or bags? Well, you say we can always read the text on the label.

What’s on the label must be right and we can trust the wording 100%, can’t we? No producer would cheat us?

- Of course not, why would they do that?

Think about it and then follow this lead:

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i feed my puppy with premium quality dog food. it’s best that you read the labels before purchasing the bag. there are so many cheap but poor quality dog food that are mostly fillers and by products. you don’t want to feed your dog with these. other than that, you have to get some excellent quality pet food containers as well so that the dog food won’t go stale. read more about it here: link

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I feed my dog caesars and pedigree

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