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What resulting human activities through the centuries are just plain manifestations of boredom?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26603points) September 25th, 2011

I know running sports probably came about when cavemen got bored and started chasing gazelles. Later, they figured the one who run the fastest catches the gazelle and therefore gets laid that night without bonking any female on the head with a club.

After they ate all the gazelles, they still race to see who was the fastest in order to continue getting cave action privileges.

But wait, this example is really about getting some, not boredom, right?! Man, I’m hopeless. Sorry, just go back and focus on the question please. : )

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Human torture in the dungeons of the Middle Ages? Lol.

(Or tying up people and torturing them in modern times?! Erg.)

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All humor I believe is a means to display intelligence to prospective mates in a non-competitive way.

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drinking, mastrubation, watching tv, working at the DMV,


@blueiiznh Good ones! (Esp. the second one).

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Swinging (as in couples)

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Internet forums.

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@EnchantingEla Hmm, interesting. Those Sodomians and Gomorrahns pioneered that, I think.

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@mazingerz88 Hmmmm… alright? The question asked ”...human activities through the centuries…” I’m not sure what your point is : )

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Writing poetry inside shithouses.


@woodcutter So you were the guy who wrote all that graffiti on men’s washroom walls back in high school, eh? Lol.

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Hacky sack.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Ah, no that was in the girls room you freaky -deaky. The walls had fewer boogers on them!

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Maybe experimenting with inhalants, substances, or drugs,or anything that would make us feel weird. There had to be too much time on somebody’s hands to look into this.

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Curling… seen in the Winter Olympics.

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@Bluefreedom Yeah, what is that all about?

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@mazingerz88 Still trying to figure out what the appeal of it is…


@Bluefreedom Omg, curling has to be the most lame and boring “sport” of all time. I mean, why waste your time trying to brush the ice like crazy? Why not just go clean the kitchen floor?? Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES. I know, right? It’s goofy. =)


@Bluefreedom Aw, downright goofy! And how they yell and pump themselves up like that. “Go, go, go!,” they shout. Lol.

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Is curling really all that tremendously different from Bocce ball (and later bowling)?

Except for the geographical locale and climate,
they’re trying to accomplish similar goals. Success depends upon accuracy of aim.

Think about it for a minute :)

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Hey, I’m bored. Let’s go sodomize our neighbors and tell them why their God sucks.

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My vote for endurance through the ages goes to card games, dominoes, chess, and Mah Jong.

Some of the designs on those ancient Chinese tiles for Mah Jong are absolutely gorgeous.

Oh. I almost forgot Go. No fancy pieces even needed. Just stones :) Seems simple yet such elaborately complex strategy necessary to win.

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Shooting trees
Bible reading
Asking a shit ton of questions
Tossing M&M’s into the eyes of strangers

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