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What is a good tip for the mattress delivery guys?

Asked by jrpowell (40434points) September 28th, 2011

They have to haul out my old king sized mattress and box-spring and move in a twin. The old bed is insanely heavy and my room is very far from where they will be parking. Is ten dollars per person reasonable?

edit :: and it is raining.

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What is a good tip for the delivery guys? Hmm… I guess: “Exercise regularly so you don’t throw your back out with all that heavy lifting.”

Sorry couldn’t resist.

But yes I think 10 dollars per person is very reasonable considering the delivery and service is often built into the price.

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Agreed. Since you suggested the amount, it’s probably what you are comfortable with paying and thought would be appropriate. After all, it’s a tip. Both should be happy when giving something extra.

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Yes – that sounds very reasonable and what I would give.

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I would go with the $10 a guy.

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I also tip furniture delivery peops $10. each and offer something cold to drink.

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@Neizvestnaya :: Good idea. I will toss some wine coolers in the fridge.

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No no, no!!! Don’t give them anything alcoholic!!!. They are on the job and that includes driving a truck. They can be fired. Go with water or pop. Please!
(and $10 each)

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@worriedguy is right. (And Happy New Year to you, bubbeleh.)

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Shanah Tovah, my shana maidellah.

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I think $10 each is reasonable.

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I was joking about the booze.

I figured it would be hard for two guys two move it. I was a bit concerned when one guy showed up. And the dude was barely over five feet tall. He picked it up like it was nothing. Now I feel like a complete wimp. But I kicked him a twenty.

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Ten dollars sounds about right to me, but I have never even though to tip mattress delivery people. Now to piggy back off this question… We are having a mattress delivered on Friday. They have to remove and replace a king size mattress, box spring, and frame. Is $10 each enough in that case?

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When I first read it, my mind was thinking of how to tell them the best ways to get the product through the house….then duh…...

GEEEZ, You just paid $1000 or so for a good mattress, $75 or so for delivery, haven’t you given enough??????
inspite of that:
$10 is good…

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@SuperMouse Me neither! I’m really a fairly generous tipper when I tip but it never occurred to me that I should have tipped the mattress delivery guys. Now I kind of feel bad because maybe they thought I was cheap! :-) I am clueless about these things. I may have to ask a question about this matter in order to educate myself.

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@blueiiznh :: The mattress and box spring were only $200. That included delivery and removal of the old one.

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@johnpowell Well… knowing that makes all the difference in the world. I certainly would have tipped the guy, probably $10 each, just like you’re thinking. If the mattress, box spring, delivery, and hauling off the old mattress and springs only cost you $200, those delivery guys can’t be making much at all.

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@lillycoyote :: The amazing part is that they make them to order at a factory across town. It was cheap and they made it to what firmness I wanted and what fabric I wanted. Pretty awesome and my money didn’t go to China.

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I’ve never paid delivery people before – never even thought of it & never heard of anyone else tipping. I bought a mattress this summer and paid over $1000 plus a $70 delivery fee. It’s getting a little ridiculous with tips.

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@johnpowell That is pretty cool that the mattresses are made to order at a factory just across town. And not only are you not sending your money to China, but you don’t have to worry about what might be in the mattress, or used in it’s manufacturing. Ever since the scandals of several years ago, about tainted Chinese products, it’s always in the back of my mind: ”Who the hell really knows for sure what’s in any of this stuff?” when I buy something from China and a mattress is something you spend a lot of time on over the course of it’s life.

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