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How late is it permissible to stay in pajamas or a bathrobe?

Asked by janbb (62852points) 1 month ago

And conversely, how late is too early to get back into them? I got dressed for my lunch appointment at 1 p.m. and am now debating when to get back into my robe.

This is a fluff question. Humor welcome.

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Live in them if you like. On stay-home days I will probably be in a robe . Like now.

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Hell, Honey, I would change in the car!

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As long as your not at the market,or out to dinner stay in them as long as you like .
mrs Squeeky and I have had pajama days,usually before bed have a shower and get in a fresh pair.

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We are always dressed from 9am-8pm, outside of that we use nightclothes and robes. Since I work from home, I would love to be in jammies all day but alas, the meetings don’t allow for that. Camera on.

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Tuesday or Wednesday

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This question reminds me of my maternal grandmother, a Southern dame. She hated seeing women wearing track suits in the 80s. She thought they were ugly and lazy. She voiced it often, until one of her daughters bought her a lovely track suit. She started wearing it around the house, and then she started buying them for herself, and then she started wearing them to her daughters’ houses. I don’t think she started wearing them shopping, but she definitely stopped deriding them.

Wear your robe with aplomb.

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@Hawaii_Jake I do. It’s so comfortable!

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^^Not only with aplomb, but with a plume! Pajama days are a thing. Back in the early oughts I had an employer who encouraged us to wear pajamas for a particular Saturday strategy meeting. The high school where I worked
part time had pj days on a regular basis. There are days when I have no need to leave the house and the wife and I stay in our pj’s.

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There is no time frame on PJ’s. Especially on a cold rainy day, or a cold snowy day.

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B-b-but I don’t have any pajamas! or a robe! :(

Maybe I’ll get some.

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@smudges You need to get a nice long fleecey robe that zips up the front.

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I say wear them whenever you damn well please. One of the great things about being retired—or even just in the retirement age bracket—is that there’s no need to apologize, explain, or justify things like this.

Probably better not to leave the house in them, but in your own home, you’re entirely at liberty. “Permissible” is up to you, and you can tell ‘em we said so.

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Whatever i sleep in is what I continue wearing until it’s time to take a shower to go out. If that time is the afternoon, the clothes from bed will usually be on till the afternoon. I hate wearing jeans and “street wear” when I’m in the house. Not that jeans aren’t comfortable, but to me, they’re not as comfy as sweats and tee shirts.

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This really was a question for fun. Believe me all, I do what I like in my own home.

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I usually stay in my PJ’s until I need to leave the house or until I am doing a zoom call. If I take a shower way before I am leaving, or maybe I am not leaving the house that day, I’m usually in a robe for 5 minutes to an hour, but I am never in a robe all day. If people want to wear a robe for hours have at it, I’m not judging.

I purposely have loungewear (sleepwear that you can wear out and it just looks extremely casual, similar to sweats) so I can be presentable if someone stops by while I’m in my pajamas. Although, most of my pajamas are old and worn out.

When I arrive home from being out, I change into pajamas fairly quickly. When I was younger I didn’t feel the need to do it, but when I was younger I was also thinner and less aches and pains in my body. Clothes weren’t so uncomfortable then. Even my comfortable clothes aren’t as comfy as my PJ’s. I’m also more aware of getting outside germs inside the house or clothes that might damage my furniture.

Summing up, I usually get dressed some time between 9am and noon. I’m usually back in pajamas between 6pm and 9:30pm, but it varies a lot from day to day.

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If it wasn’t considered so awful and I didn’t look so frightful, I would love to be able to go out in the clothes I sleep in. Hahahaha.

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@jca2 I do run out to the driveway in my robe to pick up the paper from it.

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@janbb Me too – i’ll take the garbage out and stuff like that, where I’m on my property, but beyond that, no.

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Well, if your escorting your children to school on public transport it’s probably too late…

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I WFH so can wear the robe all day. When I have Zoom calls (w camera) I wear a dress shirt and take off the robe. Below, it’s sweat pants or shorts all day.

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