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What is dressing with style?

Asked by Unit134679 (90points) April 14th, 2009

I’ve read a quote that said fashions end but style is everlasting. What is dressing with style? What is dressing with style to you? Give me some examples of such. If it is a form of self-expression, elaborate and give examples of what you do.

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Quality and classic. Think Audry Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy

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well I actually make some of my clothes. . .well not sew them or anything But I bleach pend a shirt or two printed on a sweatshirt in manufacturing . . .sewed on some fabric to that same sweatshirt. I wear this one hat and previously mentioned sweatshirt everyday it’s my style. . .not the chicest style but mine. The look people Identify me with.

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Dressing with style revolves around knowing what looks good on you in terms of color and cut, and then making sure that your wardrobe reflects those things no matter what the current fashion is.

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Fashion is what’s popular at the moment, trends that look good on certain people. Style is not trendy, it is classic and complimentary. Not every fashion fits in to your personal style. Style is knowing what works for your body, and taking the time and energy to properly dress. Presentation is important.
Examples of classic pieces- a black pencil skirt, a fitted white blouse, a tailored jacket, peep toe heels. This outfit description could fit a stylish woman from any generation.

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@Darwin: makes sense. how does one find what looks best?

@elijahsuicide: well put. what about for a guy?

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I would say a classic look for men would be a dress pant is grey or black, flat front (no pleats) not tapered at the ankle, a button down shirt (here is where a proper fit matters- the cuffs shouldn’t come to your knuckles, the shoulder seams should sit at your shoulder) a jacket, a tie, black belt and black shoes.

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@Unit134679 – A good start would be to get one of those 360 mirrors. Otherwise look at photos of yourself in various outfits and see which make you look best. You can also hire someone to help you put together a basic wardrobe and teach you the “rules.”

Or you can just keep watching “What Not to Wear” until you start to figure out what they are talking about.

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The Lucky Guide to Mastering any Style is a really great resource for anyone trying to figure this stuff out. It’s also a good gift for someone who’s got great taste, but not sure how to put things together. Definitely flip through it the next time you’re in the book store!

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@figbash i guess i failed to note that i was referring to guy’s style. thanks for the tip though

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just try not to look like a dork, or someone who tried way toooo much…

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Fashion is very changing thing. Each day you can see different type of dresses are in fashion. style is something that last for long. Individual can have their own style. style is not limited to your dresses only but it includes complete appearance. Once the stuff is in fashion you will see many people following that fashion trend.

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Fashion is all about wearing stylish clothes.

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Proper fit is vital no matter what your style. Build a relationship with tailor. Start with basics: sleeve length for example. Over time a tailor will come to understand your personal needs. They will begin cutting you a break here and there on rates eventually.

Dressing with style is a matter of obeying most current rules but using articles that speak to you.

Observe others on the street and check store windows. Buy what attracts you and ignore that which doesn’t.

Building your own style over the framework of current trends takes time to learn. Don’t try to get it all right away.

Now is a very exciting time to do fashion as more than ever it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

Happily, IMO the trend toward wearing dressier items in a casual way is staying with us, it’s not a fad. I also believe it’s easier than aligning more casual items.

Color is the easiest way to express yourself, fortunately color is very in these days.

One of the biggest things you can do to pop is learn how to use complimentary colors instead of matching ones, especially between shirts and ties. Play with combinations in store displays.

If you aren’t sure about an item and it’s returnable buy it. See how you feel about it in the quiet of your home. Experiment with it and articles you already have. If it doesn’t work, return it.

Finding your own style is something no one else can do for you. It takes time and experimentation.

Familiarize yourself with fashion rules in online forums, ask questions. You have to be familiar with the rules to know which ones you can break in the name of your own style.

Never assemble an outfit with items exclusively from one house. It looks tragic.

Approach this gradually and in a relaxed manner, in time it will come to you. You’ll have a wardrobe that looks up to date and smart, but is most certainly you.

In time you’ll have the confidence that makes almost any outfit work.

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Don’t rule out used clothing.

Something that is worthless to one person could be just the thing to complete an outfit for you.

Paying pennies on the dollar for a used item that blends seamlessly with new ones makes for a very satisfying feeling.

If you have to keep costs down wear higher quality accessories with lesser clothes. It looks far better than vice versa.

If you haven’t worn something in your closet for more than two years sell or donate it.

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