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What is, to you, the difference between lox and smoked salmon?

Asked by Aethelflaed (13752points) September 28th, 2011

I’m specifically interested in how you, personally, use the terms. Do you see a difference between the two? If you see a difference between the two, what is the difference?

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Lox to me are thinly sliced under slightly smoked slightly cooked (raw) salmon. Smoked salmon to me is thick sliced well cooked (so that it is flaky) and it is also well smoked.

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I can’t cite an authority for this answer; it’s just what I think: all lox is smoked salmon, but not all smoked salmon is lox.

I would put those tender, salty, thin-thin slices called lox on my toasted bagels and cream cheese, but generic smoked salmon might be prepared and served in a lot of ways as an appetizer or main dish.

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Nova Lox is normally supposed to be significantly less salty and commands a higher price. If you’re getting it from a reputable Deli that will consistently be the case.

In mass market regular grocery stores, this is not necessarily the case as I found out to my dismay here in MI.

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Also Lox (all types) generally use a cold smoking process which still leaves it quite moist and tender. This allows for the characteristic thin slicing for the typical use with bagels and cream cheese.

Smoked salmon is usually drier and generally hot smoked. Lends itself to flaking as opposed to slicing.

Aside from Nova Lox, any other lox and/or smoked salmon is usually quite salty or extremely salty. Nova uses a much lighter brine and this less salty allowing the flavor of the salmon itself to be present.

Obviously, I prefer Nova Lox. The rest, regardless of how its titled isn’t worth me spending money on IMHO.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a good Jewish Deli near you selling Nova Lox, once you’ve had it, you don’t want to go back.

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Lox is prepared differently it is cured and not smoked. Sometimes it can be called gravlax which has seasonings and cure on that flavor it differently it is cold cured, and/or cold smoked. Smoked salmon is obviously just wood smoked. They come from different fish from different waters too but I don’t remember which is which? I think Lox is Pacific Salmon?

Try it on an everything bagel lightly toasted with onion and chive cream cheese… OMG

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I wasn’t aware there was a difference. The term “lox” isn’t used in the UK at all. However based on the description you guys have given I think ours is more like lox (or at least, the good stuff is). Thin-thin slices of cold-smoked salmon. Mmm. I like it for breakfast with scrambled egg.

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Hmmmmm. Lox is thinly sliced smoked salmon with lemon and dill? Smoked salmon is plain/ unseasoned.

Fuck, this thread is making me hungry. I want some epic bagels now.

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