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What is a creative Halloween costume idea for 2011?

Asked by jsc3791 (1983points) October 14th, 2011

I know this question gets asked every year, but I try to do something topical/timely/relevant each year.

Last year, for example, I was a Chilean miner.

What are some good ideas for costumes this year? (Or if you have one that is timeless and unique, I’d love to hear that, too!)

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Something that is not slutty.

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I’m getting a Guy Fawkes mask and going as Anonymous.

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A character from your favorite TV show. Like: Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory or Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.

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Wearing my daily clothing, I have celebrated Halloween as a “McDonald’s Customer” but this year I will be a “Wall Street Occupier” (same outfit).

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A Wall Street credit default swap dealer or a crooked mortgage lender executive.
A Navy Seal who got Bin Laden.
Dress up like Celine Dion and don’t say anything except lyrics from her Titanic song.
Dress up half of your body as Sarah Palin and half as Bachmann. ( it will work whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or something else )

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A hipster.

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Freddy Krueger!!!

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You could go as Colonel Gadaffi with a NATO sidewinder missile as a hat :-/

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Steve Jobs

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abercrombie zombie, was my favorite

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The best costume I’ve ever seen, hands down, was created by a group of frat boys in DC’s Georgetown neighborhood- they dressed in white tights, white leotards, white speedos, white swimcaps, white sneakers and some had pink and some had blue goggles. On their upper left chest, some of the guys had X, some had Y.

They ran, nonstop, through the restaurants, down the street, through crowds. I am sure they ran for a good 4 hours. Hy-ster-i-cal!!!! With the new mono-suits, that’d be an easy costume to copy.

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Go as a Halloween Party. Supplies needed: a large piece of poster board; paper Halloween table cloth, napkins, paper cups, candy etc. Glue the items on the poster board to make the table. Cut a hole in the center for your head to go through. Wear any kind of make-up and hat you like. Stick your head through the hole (better put the hat on afterward). You’ll be the only one wearing that costume!

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A vampire-zombie-wolf… mummy.

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Please, no Twilight… I think life has seen quite enough sparkling in the sun for one lifetime.

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Dress up as @erichw1504.

@GabrielsLamb You don’t like Twilight? Oh.My.God. We can’t get married and have babies now. :P

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Be me. ;)
I’m what’s in this year.
Okay, I’m kidding…
You could be a Hipster. Those seem to be really “in” this year. Much to my annoyance.
You could be… Oh, heck, just be the year 2012. ;)

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A banana!
OOOH! NO! A carrot! Better yet: candy corn.
Or do what I did 2 years ago: Dice.

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Oooh, a pirate.

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Pair up with someone and be a clothesline, complete with grannypanties.

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