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Have you ever read a book/watched a movie like this (details inside)

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23679points) July 15th, 2014

The story first starts slowly. Everything is peaceful, maybe a bit boring. Everyone is happy, untroubled. The story’s pace is a bit slow. It gives you the impression that this is a light-hearted story, suitable for everyone, and there will surely be a happy ending.

But then the story slowly builds the tension. It can start with a death, a disappearance, anything unsettling that doesn’t seem to fit the story’s atmosphere. Things just get worse and worse, to the point that the story’s atmosphere changes drastically and the whole story becomes depressing and disturbing. In the end you realize that the story’s peaceful opening is just a lie, the true tone of the story is depressing.

Have you ever read a book/watched a movie like that?

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Yes. Friday the 13th movies are like that. Everyone’s happy, going to camp, and then the murders start happening.

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Sounds like every Murakami novel. Except for the happiness part.

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There are lots of stories like that. Half of Stephen King’s stuff is like that, all peaceful and happy in the opening scene; death and mayhem and destruction by the end.

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It’s the plot of every suspense story ever written or filmed. Think Alfred Hitchcock, and revisit his films. There isn’t one of them that doesn’t follow your plot line.

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For some reason all I could think of was the movie Moon…. then again that may because I’ve been really meaning to watch that movie again.

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Higurashi no naku koro ni
They start out frolicking, but then they get more and more paranoid and start butchering each other.

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The awful but fun 1990 sci-fi film Total Recall fits the description.

Hey, @El_Cadejo, I’m totally with you about “Moon.” It’s a terrific movie, sadly underrated. It made me a Sam Rockwell fan.

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Total Recall was awesome.

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Pretty much every horror/thriller flick ever made is like that.

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_Click_was like that. Not quite an Adam Sandler comedy if you ask me.

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Sounds like my life story in university.

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There is an Italian movie called “And the Ship Sails On”. Lots of people on a cruise ship, having a wonderful time. It isn’t till the end of the movie that you realize what you’re watching.

I have said too much…

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Not that I can recall of.

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