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Do you believe you're psychic?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 18th, 2008

I know i am, but my mom just thinks I’m crazy.

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How’d I know you were gonna ask that?

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you as well. :)

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I do not believe I’m psychic. However, there are certain members of the collective who I know are.

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like who for instance, i can already guess who.

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Well, I’m not going to tell you. You tell me. You’re the psychic.

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well psychic in training, i can tell if there are spirits around, but i try this challenge, let’s see perhaps, hmm…let me think.

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Allie and I are the official Fluther psychics. We don’t believe we are psychic, we know we are. Fee is negotiable.

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well that explains why all three of us are friends. :) say hi to Allie for me would you. and just for free i see a great happening in you future. ;)

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Official Fluther psychic says:
I know exactly who Petey is referring to. That would be PnL and myself.

And @wrestlemaniac: I knew you would say hi to me today, so I sent you a greeting card yesterday.

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i see a great grammar lesson in you future!

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whose future??

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I don’t think I’m psychic. I do think I have a pretty good prediction capability, though, and that, to some people, I appear psychic.

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agh and i see a haunting in your not to distant future, about next week if you don’t rebuke your vision.

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Not psychic. But I am psychotic.

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Psychedelic, @ac?

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I’m not psychic, I’m observant.

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Let’s attempt to test our abilities:

I foresee a question about Fluther in the near future… no wait, it’s a boyfriend/romance question… hold on, it’s getting murky… ahhhh-h-h-h, yes, here we go, it’s a question about the iPhone.

Yes, yes… we shall see. A question about the iPhone is forthcoming. When you see it, you shall know and you shall believe.

That’ll be $19.95. Don’t let the tent flap hit you on the way out.

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hahahahahaha, my shades tell me it’s a question about a problem in someones life.

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No, but I do have common sense, which works a lot better in the real world.

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no I believe I have instincts but It is totally different from physic.

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Yes, I always know right about when the toaster launches my toast spreading crumbs everywhere.

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I wouldn’t call myself a physic, and yet I do have the ability to foresee… But, you already knew that, didn’t you?

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I knew that! I knew about this question too! (eerie theme music playing in the background…)

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Psychic or lucky? I’m really not sure…I sometimes know who’s on the phone before I answer (and it could be someone I haven’t heard from in years). I occasionaly know the object or word someone is trying to remember, and can’t (Sister-in-Law: “Oh, what’s that spice I’m thinking of…” Me: “Coriander?” SIL: “How did you know that?”). My best friend and I have a strong psychic link…she’ll call me up, out of the blue, begin to ask me a question, and I’ll answer it, without hesitation, before she’s even done asking (BF: “Who does that song…” Me: “Dave Matthews.” or BF: “What’s that movie…” Me: “Carlito’s Way” , always followed by her sigh of relief, and “Thank you. Bye.”) I’ve done this with questions of hers that I didn’t even know the answer to! So, maybe a little psychic. ;)

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*PnL: i predict jake will be here in the next 10 minutes.

lefteh has entered the room

lefteh: Sup

PnL clearly possesses advanced psychic abilities.

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All women are clairevoyant to some degree.

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Everyone is psychic. You just need to exercise you psychic muscle. Right now most peoples are very small.

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I ask a lot of questions to the people I meet…I can read people well. Don’t think that’s psychic. Wish I was…it’d be cool.

I see dead people…

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I used to see dead people, of course I was working in a mortuary at the time…

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no, i don’t think so

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