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It's time to have an honest, open discussion on what you're going to be for Halloween.

Asked by TexasDude (25234points) October 1st, 2011

This question has been asked in the past before, but it’s 2011 and the times they are a changin’. Seeing as Halloween rocks hardcore, I figured I’d ask the Collective what they are planning on being (or even doing) for Halloween. How did y’all come to that decision? For extra credit, do you think your choice of costume says anything about your personality?

As for me, I was having a hard time deciding whether I wanted to be one of Colonel Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders or T.E. Lawrence. I decided against Lawrence because I figured the unwashed masses in my area probably wouldn’t recognize me and would think I was Taliban, or something.

Then I decided it might be cool to be a droog from A Clockwork Orange and dump a dozen adderal caplets into a glass of milk and raise hell all night.

In the end, I decided on the Rough Rider, or maybe even Colonel Roosevelt himself, because I already have all the gear.

What about you folks?

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I still don’t know. :(

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In the mid-seventies, there was a laundromat in my neighborhood with a sign in its window that read, “Lawrence of Arabia has his sheets done here.”

He, as played by Peter O’Toole, was recognized by his very blond British hair, his fair skin and blue eyes. HTH

And anyone who doesn’t recognize Lawrence probably won’t know who Teddy and his rought riders were anyway. The mustache would help, however, with TR (and the big stick).

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I am dressing up as a giant spider. I’m taking all of the kids in the neighborhood trick-or-treating and they are dressing like baby spiders. It is going to be SO CUTE.

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I’m thinking same as last year, a candy dispensing machine.

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@ANef_is_Enuf sad panda. I could actually see you as a royal figure, or a punk rocker (a huge disparity, I know).

@gailcalled that’s awesome. Also, I think that TR or a Rough Rider, despite being potentially unrecognized, would avoid the hassle of appearing remotely Middle-Eastern in a part of the country (where I live) where anything like that is likely to be met with harassment or violence (sadly).

@KateTheGreat that’s just adorable. I’m gonna have to see pictures of this.

@ETpro you should try putting a whole new spin on it

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard the latter would probably be easy, if I can dig out remnants of my highschool wardrobe. Which royal figure?

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I may not participate, but if I do, I’ll just pull out my black suit and sunglasses and be secret service/an agent from the Matrix/Will Smith from Men in Black/whatever people think I am. Haha.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Thanks for getting my creative juices going. This time I will add a money clot and card reader in case the little bastards have a credit card.

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@ANef_is_Enuf, I’m thinking something French. I bet you could rock the shit out of the Marie Antoinette look. Give old Kirsten Dunst or whatever her name is a run for her money.

@Blackberry that’s totally you. And you should do it!

@ETpro, hahaha, I dig it.

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I’ll be a monster disguised as a perfectly ordinary bloke.

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my 4 choices I’m trying to decide between is between a gypsy, evil witch, slutty cop, or to be The character Rose from the movie Titanic. A hard decision to make as I love them all.

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I’m going to dress up in my steampunk garb. I’ve still got to buy a good pair of steampunk pants I’m thinking jeggings that I will dye brown, maybe even sew a few brassy bits on and I’ve got to decorate my hat and my gadget holder thingy from thinkgeek. Already got my shoes, goggles, shirt and corset. If I’m feeling especially adventurous and willing to cough up the cash, I might invest in this.

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It’s nowhere near as big a deal over here (England Town) than it is in the sates.
My kids used to go knocking on doors for cash or treats, dressed like Jason & a witch.
So to answer your question, i’m going to be…...nowt! Doesn’t hold any attraction for me at all.

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Winona Ryder’s character from Beetlejuice

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@ucme you are missing out.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I’m fairly certain i’ll be fine.

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I love the idea of going as a droog haha. Priceless. :) I’d love to see someone go as Alex when he’s dressed up in that slick purple suit.

I’m not doing much, but I will be giving out candy. I plan to have several jack o’ lanterns up on the balcony. It’s always awesome when you have more than one. I won’t be dressed up as anything, but I will have my eternal plastic witch hat, cuz it’s fun wearing it. I have a crapload of Halloween decorations, most of which are already up, and have been forever. Gotta set em up to be more presentable though. I’ll have more fun dressing up the balcony and hallway more than dressing up myself.

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A poor working stiff, my daily costume will work just fine. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays but for the past decade, I’m always working and come home too late to have any interest in going out. grrr

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A man who’s .. [not gonna say ^^].

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Me: i’m going as a china doll. One of the creepy Victorian ones.

My son: kid Link. The tunic and shorts will be easy, but i’m freaking out about how to make a Hylian shield that he’ll actually carry.

My hubby: King Diamond. Again. But at least I made the cape well several years ago.

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This year, I am again, going to be… bemused.
Each year I watch the increasing commercialization (At least one whole isle of the local supermarket is now dedicated purely to selling related paraphernalia for this event.) of this old Pagan Festival and wonder how it degraded into a fancy dress party!!.
UK resident – bye the way.

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@lloydbird if it makes you feel better, I’m acquainted with the historical roots of Halloween. And I always make my own costume from stuff I already have. Creativity, FTW.

@Seek_Kolinahr have you thought about cardboard or foamcore board? It’s really lightweight. I made an entire suit of samurai armor out of it once.

@Hibernate now I’m all intrigued and shit.

@Neizvestnaya I have a 40 minute presentation on conservation biology, a 10 page essay due, and a hour and a half class all on Halloween night, so I know that feeling :-/ Not gonna stop me though!

@Symbeline I usually carve two or three jack o lanterns a year, too. I always carve at least one puking pumpkin too. And I bet you look smashing in your witch hat!

@Ayesha awesome!

@efritz I had the biggest crush on her when I was little.

@ucme your kids sound adorable.

@KatawaGrey you already know how I feel about all of that, m’dear.

@emeraldisles I would go for Rose or the gypsy. The other options have been really overdone, sadly.

@HungryGuy so, you’ll be what you are everyday? ;-p (you know what I mean)

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Last year I was a witch and baby was my black cat. No idea what I should be this year. :/

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I’m not going as anything… But if I were to go as something, It would probably be an angry bird.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – I’m tempted to say I’ll go as a bottle of vodka :-p

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@HungryGuy there’s always boxed wine too!

@redfeather you could probably pull off a gangster-girl (note the “er” not the “a”). You’ve got that swag. (Classy chassis and moxie, remember?)

@GabrielsLamb I’m actually expecting to see variations of the Angry Birds a lot this year.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I am in no way surprised by your being already ”..acquainted..” with the ”..roots..”, my preternaturally learned friend.

I’m still bemused by the big fuss that you cross pond friends make though.

Having said that, we don’t have any national fancy dress occasion over here.
Maybe you have something there.

But the theme…?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That’ll be an accurate statement.

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@lloydbird I just think it’s a lot of fun to dress up and have an excuse to be spooky for a night. Hell, I do that on my own all the time anyway, but not being looked at with raised eyebrows one night out of the year is a nice perk.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Safe scary is more fun than just safe, I suppose.
Who would want to ride a rollercoaster that didn’t go up and down?

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@HungryGuy A bottle of vodka you say, I see what you did there.

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It’s too much work to figure out a costume. Carving a pumpkin already takes days. They you take into account getting candy for 700 trick or treaters… probably more what with the economy and the shameless adults and trying to decorate the porch like a haunted house, getting a costume just seems like more than I can handle.

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@wundayatta all of that is thrilling for me.

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Michael Jackson, or a Catholic Priest… Either way I’m gonna run around with little boys. ;)

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i want to be either reptile or raiden from MK
but i dont have a sewing machine so i cant make
my own costume and i cant find any reptile to buy
and raiden is WAY to expensive…so i might be
subzero and match my little cousin this year

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I’m wearing a bicycle helmet and going as Chicken Little.

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Like @ucme, we don’t really do Halloween in Australia in the way it is done in the States. Some kids might come around trick-a-treating but that’s the limit.

So, I will be the lady with no treats and the Hounds of the Baskervilles… howling and barking when they try to come through my gate.

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I think I’m a little to old for Halloween, so maybe I’ll pass out treats as Whistler’s Mom

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An unemployed lazy bum siphoning off your money via welfare to sustain a lifestyle of debauchery… But that describes a tremendous amount of people in my town… Darn, I need to come up with something more original, like a zombie cop whore.


@King_Pariah You made my day with that answer. Toooo funnny!!!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Puking pumpkins are hilarious lol. Maybe I’ll make one too. For a while now I’ve been wanting to try my hand at something like this but it looks too hard to not fuck up lol.

@wundayatta If decorating your porch like a haunted house is shameless, then add me to the no shame club. :D I’m a proud member.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard like Rihanna in the Shy Ronnie video?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard good idea outta you. I like it.

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Changed my mind. Ian’s going to be Super Grover instead of Kid Link. Found a knight’s helmet at the Dollar Tree yesterday. Now all I need is blue sweatclothes, a red towel, and a day’s embroidery. And a little face paint.

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