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What was your favorite Halloween costume?

Asked by jsc3791 (1988points) October 9th, 2008


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(these are ADULT costumes.
1. 2 pigs in a blanket
2. Cereal Killer, (Knife through a box of Cheerios)
3. Flasher. My husband wore a trench coat and shorts. He attached 2 small and one long balloon to the crotch of his shorts and went around flashing people when they asked why he wasn’t in costume.

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A well done Witch…..Is always classic.

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When I was little, my dad rented rooms in our house to college students (he was also in college so he needed help with expenses), and one month, one of the tenants couldn’t pay. It just happened to be September, so since this guy was the costume director for the college’s theatre department, he exchanged one month’s rent for a near-professionally made witch costume, including the hat. That costume lasted me until I grew out of it… it was so well done.

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I went to this Halloween party where every single person was dressed up… except one. This guy was just wearing a hat, sunglasses and a trench coat. He obviously wasn’t a flasher because the coat was hanging open and he obviously had regular clothing under it.

The surprising part was when I walked up to him and asked who he was dressed up as. He did the quick side to side look, opened up his coat and mumbled, “what you need man? what you need?”

Inside both sides of his coat, he had extremely well drawn pictures of tvs, watches, vcrs, and other street hocker stuff. I erupted in laughter, patted him on the back and said, “Well done sir. Well done.”

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When I lived in Honolulu, my then-wife’s company had a Halloween party downtown at a restaurant near the Aloha Tower.

She went dressed as a stereotypical Witch (not the Wiccan kind), while I was dressed as a US Navy Captain.

I had taken the extra step of purchasing a custom made black-with-white-lettering name tag to be worn over my right chest pocket of the uniform, adding to the authenticity of the costume.

What I didn’t know at the time, but found out to my amusement later, was that the uniform was indeed identical to that of a real Naval Captain, and as I and my wife were strolling around downtown Honolulu that evening, I was the recipient of salute after salute after salute, from genuine US Navy personnel, who were on Shore Leave from their ships that were docked nearby.

All night long, it seemed, Swabbies and lower-grade officers would approach me, salute, and say, “Good Evening, Capt. Adams!” or “Hello, Sir!” proving that I was definitely convincing, if nothing else.

Yes, I’d smartly return their salutes and say, “Carry on!” or “As you were!” and continue with our walk. My wife struggled very hard (by biting the inside of her cheek or tongue) to force herself not to laugh out loud.

Waiters gave me and my wife the best tables in the establishments we visited, and I remember turning to her and saying, R H I P, right?” She nodded.

When we got home, I said, “You know something? I’m not returning this, tomorrow. I’m just gonna go back there an exercise their ‘purchase option’.”

My wife got a very serious look on her face and said, “Sweetheart, you are not Tony Curtis, and it may be acceptable to pretend to be a Naval Captain on Halloween, but any other time that you might do so, you’ll probably be arrested for some sort of crime, so just return the uniform, OK?”

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I was big bird when I was like 3 or 4 and the costume was super cute.

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My twin and I went as each other in shirts that said “Im not him” with an arrow pointing at the other guy.

The other year my brother Ernie went as Ernie and I went as Bert.

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My older siblings amused themselves by dressing me up
as Santa Claus one year and the Easter Bunny another year.

Strangely enough, this kid I used to babysit dressed up as a Christmas tree once.
Mind you, this wasn’t just for Halloween, he actually wanted to be one when he grew up.

This was right after his I want to be a garbage man when I grow up! phase.
He was a sweet kid, but bless his heart…

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A sexy (fill in whatever here)

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I was an alien when I was 9…I got more candy at each house, the folks liked it so much. It was funny. The other kids were mad.

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I used to work at sears and during Halloween I would be setting up the Christmas trim shop. I always either dressed like an elf or the best was Mrs Claus. I even had a sears name tag that said Mrs Claus.

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The one I’m going to wear this year. (Minus the hat, it’d drive me crazy all night.)

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Allie: Haha…I just imagined Kermit in that costume!

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Allie, I like the spiked heels. Do you have a whip, too? Please?

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Nimis: Not only does Kermit smoke (see large version of icon), he also wears pirate costumes.
JA: It’s a pirate, not a dominatrix. Heh.

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Junior and Senior years of high school, I was an alien victim from the movie Alien. I made a little alien out of newspaper and cardboard and spray painted a shirt red. I cut a hole in the shirt and stuck the alien through. I’ve never gotten more compliments on a costume. :)

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One year my husband and I were busy and didn’t have a lot of time to put costumes together. We did have grungy work-around-the-house clothes available in spades after our recent move. We had a sledge hammer and scrap wood. The kids had extra fake blood. So, we went as Paul and Annie from Misery. It was awesome. :^>

I once saw a guy who just stapled pages of his thesis all over his regular clothes and wrote really big across it in sharpie “Wayne’s Thesis”. It was pretty funny because there were people reading him all night.

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Marge Simpson (green dress, red christmas balls made into a necklace and my temporarily blue hair pinned to a Styrofoam cone on my head) or, the ol’ Rubik’s Cube costume I slapped together in the early 80’s.

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I went as a hobo. And a pillow case, and a poster board, and an ipod. lol.

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I was the wicked witch of the west two years in a row.

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