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I vaguely remember the show Love American Style did it take place on a boat?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) October 1st, 2011

I am interested in buying some older DVD tv shows to watch during the winter months and this is one I was considering.

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I believe you are confusing Love American Style and The Love Boat , not hard to do, because I think they were basically the same show, but one took place on a boat and one didn’t; both pretty generic Aaron Spelling productions. :-) I remember The Love Boat but not much about the other one.

Edit: I’m not sure if Aaron Spelling produced Love American Style or not.

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I think Love American Style was 3 mini stories to each 1 hour segment. Not sure, though…

I lurved The Lurve Boat!!

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I can still sing the theme song to Love American Style. That’s how old I am.

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LOL @Rarebear.

You are deep, dude!


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Here’s what I found on the Internet about “Love, American Style”. I vaguely remember it, too. I must say that I remember it fondly.

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It was different short stories about budding romance if I remember correctly. No constant characters. If I remember correctly they were usually funny.

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I remember them both quite well and Fantisy Island. Great shows, if I remember right they were on Saturday nights; where most guys were out on a date..I was home watching these shows. Oh well couldn’t get a date anyway and it did give me something to do. LOL

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Love American Style was much sexier than The Love Boat, though. More risque, if I remember correctly.

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I don’t recall the show but here’s a Link to watch episodes of the show.

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There may have been a little snippet about a boat, but I think you’re thinking about The Love Boat?

Love Boat
Fantasy Island
Love American Style
Mary Hartman

Wow… I’m damn old!

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@GabrielsLamb Wow, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman does NOT belong with the other three. That was a satyrical soap opera, and very, very funny.
Love American Style, one should remember, was where the TV show Happy Days originally came from.
Fantasy Island was where Khan was before humanity stuck him in a spaceship and launched him into space in deepfreeze.
The Love Boat was where the sent Murray after Mary Tyler Moore’s TV show was canceled.

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Well I just picked stuff I liked and remembered from that generation. I liked Maude too… Better fit?

LOL… I wasn’t aware we were catagorizing? Sorry…

*And WOW! THat is some great trivia you have there… I had NO idea on either count.


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I appreciate all your opinions and answers.

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@silky1 We like to help ; )

Does that mean we can hijack your thread now? hopes hopes

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