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IPhone 4s: What do you think of it?

Asked by Paul (2717points) October 4th, 2011

Here’s the video. I personally think it looks brilliant, yet another great Apple product. It’s a bit out of my current price range so I won’t be getting it for a while.
What does the rest of Fluther think?

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I like it, but like the 3GS, it doesn’t offer anything that has convinced me to upgrade from my iPhone 4 to.

I don’t need a faster processor, b/c my phone doesn’t lag. I don’t need a better camera b/c the 4’s is SO nice, it can do until something else comes along.

I’ll wait until the 5 comes out.

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Meh. I think the 3G > 3GS was a more substantial update than 4 > 4S. The camera looks amazing, and Siri looks really cool too.

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I had Siri when it was an app (if it isn’t still). I deleted it b/c it was mediocre.

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Another subpar phone (hardware wise) wrapped up in some really good marketing.

Siri looks neat, but I can’t see tech like that staying iPhone exclusive for very long. It’s not difficult to code if you already have voice commands on your phone. It’s pretty much voice commands + the ability to use less rigid language.

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Vastly overrated!

It’s main strengths are marketing, Apple’s highly litigious nature that seeks to copyright the lower-case, and Jony Ives. For those that don’t know, he is responsible for the design of pretty much every Apple product in the last 13 years. Like many Apple products, it’s specs are rather “meh”, it lacks features that many consider essential, and it has some weaknesses that many cultists fervently believe are strengths and others that they won’t believe exist even if proven empirically/conclusively. For example, the fact that I had iOS4 crash more on an average day than Android has crashed on me in the last month is refuted ad nauseum.

So tell me, what is it that an iPhone 4s can do that the Droid 3 can’t? They both use a dual-core ARM A9 CPU, both take voice commands, both have 8MP rear and 0.3MP front cameras… yet the Droid 3 can replace a battery without a trip to the repair shop, expand storage, sync through means other than iTunes, and has all sorts of apps you will NEVER see in the App Store because they don’t have to deal with their overlord throwing a hissy-fit and bashing things with a ban-hammer for no valid reason.

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