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I want some type of job that has do do with music any suggestions?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) May 10th, 2008

I really love art and am really good at it but i love working withy music. I don’t want to play or sind or any thing I jst want some suggestions on careers

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I’m not sure what the art that you’re currently working with is, but I do know that most art disciplines these days cross paths, so perhaps just stick with what you do now and look for projects or opportunities to collaborate with music/musicians.
Otherwise you really could be looking at anything from receptionist at a record company, tending bar at a karaoke bar to promoting artists or events or managing a live venue.

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im just now starting high school soon…..

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Chances are you’ll change your mind about direction to take several times before you finish being a student, so don’t worry too much about it now, but like I said, stick with your current art and look for opportunities related to it.

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well i have always considerd art as a mian option but for the past 9 months i really have gotten interested in music and the details in songs (like the back ground beat, ......)

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The music business is evolving rapidly and who knows how it will work when you are out in the working world. If you don’t want to perform, what aspects of music appeal to you? Do you just want to be around musicians? Is there a specific type of music genre you want to work in? You could manage musical acts, work at music venues, the possibilities are very broad. Maybe you should try some as a volunteer or intern while you are in school.

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by manage musical acts do you mean like broadway?

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Managing musical acts by booking venues, transportation, hotels, food, etc.. Or perhaps you could be a sound or lighting engineer.

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@iCeskate Umm, no, although Broadway is an option too. I meant manage music talent like an agent. Like Lou Perlman with boy bands. Basically, the manager guides the career and handles the business of the talent.

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get your feet wet by renting out a hall and booking some bands from your school or city. This will give you a flavor for it.

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Whenever you hit college, make sure you visit a career services center (if your school has such a service), they will do tests on you and figure out your interests; however this isn’t just for a major, they will also greatly help you out in giving you an idea of what kind of jobs you may be interested in, or atleast some jobs within the field. But if you aren’t even in high school yet, you’ve got a long way till you need to worry about business like that.
If you can, judochop gave a good suggestion if your school will allow it.

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Study a broad range of art and music courses; if you wish to be in the creative areas of the music and entertainment industries, you need to have a firm foundation in the arts, communication, technology (esp. multimedia), and business. Aside from your main coursework and high school general education requirements, you should begin to seek out information about higher educational institutions-both 4-year colleges and technical colleges. In the latter case, there are several emerging trends in arts and entertainment training, which center around ‘clusters’ of disciplines. For music and the music business, all of the related fields-business management, touring, recording, marketing and advertising, and multimedia are all areas that cross-pollinate with music. So you have a multitude of options. One example of this is a school in Winter Park, Florida, called Full Sail.

As a professional in the media industry and as a professor of media/audio in higher education, I study trends in education and the industry closely as part of my job. Feel free to PM me if you want some more information.

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music therapy

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