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What are your favorite nintendo ds games?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) May 11th, 2008 from iPhone
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I personally love any word game, loved brain age, I’m Mexican and I’m learning english, it is a fun way to do so…

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the phoenix wright series is realy cool, but my favorite is electro plankton, i can play that thing for hours…

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the phoenix wright series irked me. There were SO many logic gaps. Mrflg.

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true, i have had moments where i didn’t yell objections, but just WTF?!, when my brilliant plot was denied by that grey bearded judge

by the way dell, you seem like the girl who plays a lot of animal crossing, am i right?

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I own it, I got bored of it really quickly though. I get REALLY in to games, and then get totally bored of them. I haven’t turned on any of my game systems in months. I turned on my DS today because of this thread.

(But it was adorable. I loved it!)

And in the pheonix wright series the problem is that I present the wrong evidence at the wrong time. I figure it out ahead of time and then keep presenting and failing because I’m presenting something too early, or something that they totally missed. (In Justice for All there is a guy who falls a long distance, BREAKS HIS NECK, yet manages to write a name in the dirt…..... no SHIT it was forged, but it was forged for more obvious reasons than the game finally used. )

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Elite Beat Agents is made of win.

also check out Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan if you dont mind playing a japanese game.

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all i have in japanese is warioware, that is at least a bit playable in japanese, got a US copy of megaman ZX and PR: justice for all, and the rest is just good ‘ol PAL

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Osu Tatakae Ouendan is like elite beat agents. So you dont need to read anything unlike warioware.

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ah, i usualy had it in 2 tries, just sometimes i had the “what the hell? press that cats nose?” moments, well, since we have a lot of import, i’ll look into it

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wordjong, brain age

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I really enjoyed the phantom hourglass, but i’ve played so many zelda games that it wasn’t really a thrill, and i beat it fairly quickly. Kirby Squeak Squad was alot of fun. My current fastest time finished is three hours. I’m not really sure I have a favorite actually…

While we’re on the subject of DS, has anyone played The World Ends With You?

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Foo: My friend told me to buy that this morning. I’ll probably be going out to get it sometime today if I finish these earrings in time.

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Del: I await your reviews with bated breath

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Hahahahaha, so do I. ;)

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The Phoenix Wright series, especially the first two, and Elite Beat Agents.

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im getting professor layton next week, it’s not out in europe, so im getting the NTSC version, but that’s ok

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Layton is cute and fun although a bit on the easy side.

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@delirium; what’s the word on the world ends with you?

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the word is sadly sold out! :(

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