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What do you feel when you look at the moon?

Asked by Tbag (3303points) October 14th, 2011

I gaze at the night sky every single night. Even if it was for like 10 minutes! It’s just so amazing! I could write a book about what goes in my mind when I gaze at the moon, what do you feel?

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“Feel” Nothing really… But I enjoy looking for the image of the rabbit with his morter and pestle.

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Like howling. Nothing much, really. It’s pretty. I’m glad there are tides.

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I wonder what my kids make of it, as they are still young enough to be curious about everything and make up stories.

In isolation I get nothing, but when my kids are pointing at it and talking to each other about it, it just puts me in a good overall mood.

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I love looking at the night sky. It still amazes me that I can see something, with the naked eye, that is so far away.

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Usually I feel like it’s dark out, and I’d better watch my step.

Sometimes I feel like, “Hey, this is pretty cool, seeing the moon in the middle of the day and all.”

Sometimes I just wonder what others are thinking. Thanks for helping to fill that gap.

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That’s a really good question…it reminds me of being in a fantasy. How unreal this life is and how crazy it is that we can see a whole planet right in front of us.

@CWOTUS I’ve always found seeing the moon during the day pretty cool too.

This makes me wanna lay down outside and stare at the sky now, bit scary at night though…on your own. 0_o

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I literally crave the moon… I monitor the moon’s phases so that I’m ideally situated to watch the full moon (and near full moon) rises. I find it absolutely magical, and I’m enthralled with the night sky. And I’m using this response to see if I’ve cracked the code on the Perfecto-Fish award—how lovely if a moon-related question allows me to do that!) Woot!!

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When I see the moon I think about the wonder of how that same moon has been illuminating the night skies, a guide to sailors on the seas of life from generation to generation. I think about how all people on the vast earth today are priviledged to look up at that same moon and enjoy its beauty and be inspired by its silent knowledge and comforted by its unfailing cycles. I think about its being part of the wonders that the heavens declare as the oracles of God.

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Where is the man in it?

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We had a glorious harvest moon here the other night…huge, golden, reflecting on the pond at our park…glorious

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@Blackberry I bet the moon thinks you are quite significant as it watches you from above?

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I feel relaxed .. joy .. and somehow a bit overwhelmed with other thoughts.

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@Blackberry, maybe an interest in the moon would net you an older woman?? Just sayin . . .

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I think how awesome it is that people walked there and placed those retroreflecting mirrors on the surface for us to use. They did it so long ago and with such limited technology.

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I love the moonlight, and I use the full moon as a focus of my thoughts every month. I often think it must be less magical, now that we know what it’s like to walk on the moon.

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Since a few years I think of a funny mistake I made.
In Greek, when you want to diminute <<is that a word? a word you add aki to that word: spiti (house), spitaki (small house).
I had learned this, but not yet the Greek word for moon (feggari), so I called it moonaki.
Mouni is Greek for vagina….

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@GabrielsLamb If anything, the moon probably is just glad we don’t live on him/her.

@picante I’ll recite the circumference, radius, and mineral distribution if that’s the case.

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Gives me a craving for raw meat for some reason…

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@Blackberry, I’m likely too old for you, but you can recite those facts while I tell you every magical feeling that the moon brings out in me. I’ll pour you another glass of champagne as we gaze at the refracted moonlight in the crystal flute.Look no further than my avatar to understand the intense pull it has on me. We can dream together while star-gazing.

@rebbel, I love your story—all the little vaginas of the world salute you ;-)

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@picante I am not sure if I welcome that, or if I feel uneasy about.
Thanks anyway :-)

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@Judi I did. But I think I’m older than he is desiring. I’m more in line with that heat damaged furniture described in the thread. My years of intense moon glow absorption count for little :-).

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Lol! I swear, I’m extremely and genuinely nice in person ok? I was reading some of my older answers the other day, and thought I was being kind of douchey.

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If Luna is high in the sky, I feel stiffness in my neck when look up at her.
Then I feel her reflected sunlight reminding me that I forgot to put on my moonblocking lotion (MPF 100). After that I feel like such a honky. ;-)

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I feel overwhelmed with curiosity and wonder and amazement. I, too, look at the night sky.. and the moon if I can see it.. every night. I also watch the sky every day. I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl, and the feeling that I get every single time never changes. It’s hard to put into words, but I love how something I’ve been seeing for over 20 years is still so beautiful that it leaves me on awe on a daily basis. Love.

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A crick in the back of my neck.

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I remember my days as a witch.

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Will this be the night a crazy naked man busts into my house and tries to hump my dog.


When I look at the moon, I feel like making love.

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@Symbeline You know… full moon, when the nutjobs and pervs let their inner nutjob and pervs out? It’s true, ya know.


@woodcutter omg, that’s scarier than a wal-mart fat guy wearing a speedo. lol

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Christ, have you seen that?

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Classics all of them.


@woodcutter My favorite is the woman in the green and purple outfit at the very end. Is it too soon for Halloween? lol-lol.

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I just love it. We looked at the moon through a pretty good telescope the other night in my astronomy class, and it’s even more fascinating to me now. The more I learn about astronomy, the more mystified I become in regards to it.

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