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I prefer women without make up, is it just me?

Asked by Tbag (3549points) October 14th, 2011

I love a girl when she forgets about her make up and wouldn’‘t give a rats a** about putting that stuff on because she looks naturally beautiful. I don’t mind make up but i dislike it when a girl swims in make up. It’s rare nowadays to see a woman who looks naturally beautiful without anything on.
I’m just curious, am i the only guy who prefer women without make up on? Natural, charming and beautiful.
Fellow ladies, your thoughts as well please.

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I prefer ladies who aren’t fellows.

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The best makeup looks natural and most guys think it is. It just smooths the complexion, and subtly accentuates the positive.
—If anyone ever says to me, “I love your eyeshadow,” I know I am wearing to much.

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I don’t like tons of make-up on girls (or guys), but, a little bit to hide the blemishes and accentuate the features is nice. The natural look is nice, too.

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@Tbag I think I look better without it, but with age comes problems that need to be concealed somewhat so Judi is right, I think younger girls can get away with it, after 30 it becomes harder and harder.

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I am generally not a fan of makeup. Women I’ve dated have found this flattering in some cases and frustrating in others. It’s not really a problem for me, though, unless I can feel it or taste it.


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Nope. Who the hell wants to taste caked on foundation when kissing someone on the cheek.

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I prefer to be a woman without make-up, if that helps your survey…

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Yes, it’s just you. A woman should wear make-up to please herself and no one else.

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There’s nothing more beautiful then looking at a woman in the morning when you wake up and she ain’t wearing any make up. A bit is good sometimes but when it’s too much… better not.

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@AmWiser I don’t understand your response. I certainly agree that it is a woman’s choice whether or not to wear makeup and that she shouldn’t be judged for not conforming to someone else’s preferences. But it remains the case that the rest of us can have preferences of our own and that @Tbag is not alone in his.

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I’ll with @JilltheTooth (again). I rarely where makeup, mostly because I’m lazy and not particularly concerned about it. It’s the same reason I never switched to contacts. I’m just not motivated to spend to time in the morning to achieve a look I feel no more attachment to than the look I have now without the effort.

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I don’t believe in wearing makeup – I’m convinced women are brainwashed into thinking it’s beautiful by the cosmetic industry, but advertising never works on me.

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I prefer women who don’t forget.
So I prefer a woman who remembers she doesn’t need to wear it.

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“Natural, charming and beautiful.” That makes the assumption that she’s beautiful without makeup. Not every woman is beautiful on the outside, and prefers to wear a little something to feel a bit better about herself. If you’re dating women who are physically beautiful without makeup, tell them so. Tell them sincerely that in your view, you wish they wouldn’t wear it. If they don’t follow through, it’s no big deal, but with the right woman it may stick. And she may thank you for freeing up some time in her day.

Personally, I only wear makeup for special occasions. As I was told, “you don’t wear enough to make any difference.” And if it’s not going to help, I’d rather sleep the extra 15 minutes.

I’m going to hazard a guess that most men prefer a woman who doesn’t slather on the makeup, but appreciates the look of a woman who knows what she’s doing with the stuff. @Judi put it best in that regard.

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No preference at all. I prefer women who feel cocky and confident, however they got that way.

If makeup makes her feel like she owns the room, great. If she opts to go without, fine.

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@Blackberry You just made yourself a millionaire! Think about it for a sec… Do that, and you’re RICH!

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Yep. Makeup is awful. Related

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I think a little (very little) makeup can be applied once in while for special occasions, but daily is overdoing it. Sure, makeup can accent this and hide that, but I see it as not the real girl. I feel like she has a “fake” stream of attraction towards her, which is just the opposite- unattractive. In other words she’s a facade. Natural is the most attractive to me.

And to those who overdo it, stop. The more you add, the less attractive you become. With makeup, less is more. It’s equavalent to a how much cologne a guy uses…just think about that the next time you paint your face.

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I hate the smell, feel and look of make up. I don’t wear it unless I have to. Then one day an acquaintance said, “Who hit you?” Now I have consealer for those days when I have dark circles under my eyes.

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Excuse me @SavoirFaire, I should have said, No, It’s not just you…blah, blah, blah.

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I don’t like makeup on women either. When I’m sucking face, I want to suck on female flesh, not chemicals.

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Natural beauty > made up beauty

If makeup must be used on a woman, I prefer very little

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On the flip side, I think anyone that thinks less of women for choosing to where makeup is just being petty. And frankly I suspect many of the women they would laud for not wearing make up are actually just really good at applying makeup that looks natural.

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I’m referring mostly to my wife so no.. she doesn’t wear makeup. I love it. Why mess with a good thing?

Makeup (I think) minors in making some women look better sure, but majors in making women think they look better. (They want to feel good about themselves). I totally understand the desire to do so.

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I prefer no makeup too, man. Too much makeup tells me how insecure she is. I have a former best friend who was much prettier in high school when she wore t-shirts and sweat pants. After high school, she began stripping and putting on gobs of makeup and I mean caking it on. Guys would go into the strip club where she worked and just slam on her. It got so bad, she actually went and got a boob job because 1 or 2 guys told her they weren’t both the same size. Do you know what it feels like to have a silicone bag shoved from your belly button area, all the way to where it’s supposed to be? I’ve had laproscopic surgery before and when they do that, it tears 2 layers apart and it takes a good 6–8 months or more for it to feel normal. This stripper and I went to Vegas with a guy from TV, who happened to meet her the last time he was in town. The whole time, every guy who passed by her was only looking at her chest and not her face. It bothered me and eventually, I started eyeballin’ them, telling them where her eyes were. I can’t even begin to imagine how much money she wasted on makeup and scumbags and for what? For them to stare at her fake boobs and not even consider the soul behind the silicone :P

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I think more men like women without or very little makeup than heavily or unnaturally made up. Most male friends and also male co workers have made mention of really liking when a girl/woman they find attractive leaves her skin showing rather than putting on foundation. The other thing the guys make a point of is gooey/glossy lip stuff or heavy black eyeliner.

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Personally, I admit to feeling sort of naked without eyeliner! It’s not some crazy involved routine for me, though. Just a swoop-swoop with a pretty-colored pencil, sometimes to coordinate with an outfit, or make my eyes pop behind a pair of glasses.

I think tasteful makeup makes a girl look polished and put-together (less is more). A girl can look great without makeup as long as her skin is well taken-care of, brows somewhat tamed, etc. IMO, it’s more of a grooming thing than a makeup thing.

Something’s wrong if a chick can’t stand wiping off her mascara to go for a swim.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. You are not alone, I am not sure if we are in a minority. Most of the guys I have conversations with like a woman more natural in every way. Not completely natural though, hairy arm pits, or not a go. Plus some are more of a stickler shaved smooth legs than others. When it comes to the head then natural is always better. There is a thought, if she had the war paint on so think you can scrape it off, or definitely tell it is on (some women apply so much foundation, or powder you can see the demarcation line between face and neck) you wonder, ”what are they hiding under there?”

Myself, Natural hair, not tinted or dyed, maybe some highlight streaks you know is there for accent and not natural. No tracks, or hairpieces. Mascara and some eyeliner with a little lip gloss and that is good enough. If you have a woman who can’t even go to the curb with the garbage can unless she is done up is way to high maintenance. You can’t think of going camping or to the beach because she won’t have her traveling beauty salon. She would be a wet blanket, she will be moping around or griping because she don’t have her blushers, lip lacquers, foundations, eye shadows, etc.

IMO women who do that are doing a disservice to themselves as well as the man. If that is what you are selling him, and he buys it, one day he will see you without it. Then you have to think if you done enough in other areas to make up for what he thought he was getting but wasn’t. Almost as if someone gave you a steak and told you it was beef, then when they get nearly done with it, you let them know it was only 25% beef but 75% horse meat, but hoping they enjoyed it so much, they will excuse the fact it was mostly horse.

We won’t even get into the fake aftermarket boobs……..

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I don’t like wearing makeup and on most days I feel like my face is beautiful enough without it. Now that’s not to say I never wear it but I’ve noticed that the once in a blue moon when I choose to put it on i’m generally depressed and trying to hide… Oddly enough putting on makeup or hanging my look somehow like chopping off my hair or getting a piercing always happens when i’m depressed but never helps… go figure.

Some women look ravishing with makeup, they know how to apply it well and its nice to look at but personally I don’t like wearing it because it really does feel like a costume.

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I bet if a bunch of women stopped wearing makeup for a day or two, their husband or boyfriend wouldn’t even notice what is different. When hair changes, most men I know don’t notice it at all. Kinda makes me wonder why they even bother and its obvious they only do it for themselves. That’s not the world revolving around you, honey…it’s a gnat!

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Lady here. I have had guys tell me they prefer me without make-up and I’m never really flattered when they say it. I’m not offended either, but their opinion of my make-up doesn’t change whether I put it on or not. I like to wear it because it’s like face paint for grown-ups. I enjoy mixing colors and finding the perfect color combination. I have a few friends that I get together with and we just do out make-up. I’d say I wear it about half the time. I never wear foundation because then it turns from fun to work.

If I’m with someone who doesn’t like that I wear make-up, quite frankly, it’s like if they don’t like my jeans or my silly shirts. I’m not going to stop wearing it around them unless they make an effort for me. I would be willing to do some kind of exchange maybe to the tune of, “Okay, I’ll cut down my make-up use drastically around you if you grow a beard, just to see if you like it.” Too often, a guy I’ve been with has wanted me to change something about the way I look even if it seems “good” like no make-up but won’t make any changes himself. When I meet someone who’s willing to change the way he looks to suit me, then I’ll be happy to change the way I look to suit him. :)

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@KatawaGrey as usual I lurve you.

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I like freckles, so, if you got ‘em…


There are some women who look naturally beautiful with no makeup, some with little makeup, but almost all look their best with “some” makeup on.

I prefer women who wear some makeup. Not too much, just some.

The key is to make it look like she’s wearing no makeup, but in fact she is, to accentuate her beauty.

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@fundevogel: And as usual, I lurve you right back. :)

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Don’t you just love those fluther answers you get back? I’m glad I ain’t the only one!

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It takes me 45–50 minutes (start to finish) to get ready to go anywhere. 10 for a shower, 10 for makeup, 10 for hair, 10 to get dressed, 5–10 for dinking around in-between and getting out the door. I have been blessed with good genes and a great complexion, therefore I wear very little on my face. I find myself natural, charming and beautiful… rather I’m wearing makeup or not ; )

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I like both. I don’t think anyone should feel obligated to wear makeup to make themselves prettier, but I also think that makeup can look great and enhance already pretty features.

I wear makeup pretty much every day, not so much because I feel uncomfortable without it, but because I think it’s fun. I love dramatic eyeliner.

The only makeup I actually feel kind of bad without is foundation because I have had really bad skin in the past, and I hate the red spottiness I have from it. Everything else is just for kicks.

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Women should just do what they want. I have a friend who hates it on herself , while I love doing the whole shebang ( false eyelashes etc.). As long as you don’t look like a clown, your fine.

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