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On a lifeboat, there is room for only two people. Which would you choose to leave behind....your partner or your child ?

Asked by john65pennington (29240points) October 15th, 2011

Lets pretend you are on a lifeboat and there is only room for two people. You have to stay onboard in order to guide and take care of the lifeboat, so this means someone has to say goodbye. Question: which one has to go…...your partner or your child and how did you arrive at this decision?

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If I had one, I’d leave my partner behind because he would be so damn awesome he’d be able to take care of himself just fine till I could come back for him ; )

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The child: they haven’t accumulated much stimuli, anyway. They don’t know how precious and awesome life is. Hahah.

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I go into the water and guide the boat from there. They go in the boat.

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dats cheatin @Adirondackwannabe LOL

cough cheaterpants cough

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I can cheat like hell if the situation demands.:)

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If I was still married I would have let my ex go for sure. LOL
Since I am single by choice, I’d have to choose between my daughter and my goose “Marwyn.” I’d choose my daughter because Marwyn is a strong swimmer and could keep up with the lifeboat, no problem. Although I’d be devastated if he was sucked down by a Shark
The ex…I’d have loved to see him going down for the last time! Haha .

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Absolutely honest here:

Of the three of us, my husband has the best chance of surviving without the life boat. I am a horrible swimmer, have no natural buoyancy, and my son is three.

My husband floats down the river without an inner tube. For hours. Seriously.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Lol! That’s awesome. He should be a SEAL.

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It would be a spur of the moment choice. It would depend on why we happened to be in the situations and how old we were and so much more. I can’t help you with this.

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No child, no partner, looks like I live another day .

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Sooo, you’re a situational sacrifice kinda guy ey? hahaha


If there was “room for only 2 people”, then I would stay behind and put my wife and child on the lifeboat.

But if it HAD to be me and only one other person on the lifeboat, I’d leave my partner behind. My child is everything to us, and I’m sure my wife would agree to my decision.

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@EnchantingEla dats cheatin @Adirondackwannabe LOL Only until the great white shows up, then it is was said in a famous movie “We are going to need a bigger boat”, can anyone say CHUM Har har


@Blackberry Um…..Lol-lol-lol!!

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I don’t got a partner or a child. Lucky me. Fuck hypothetical scenarios!

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@MRSHINYSHOES I was joking, I swear.


@Blackberry um…..yeah, right….lol!!!

(I know.) ;)

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Since I’m alone I don’t have to chose. But if it came to that I’d teach them how to use the boat and let them go in peace with God watching over them.

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@Coloma No amount of thinking about hypotheticals is going to help you in a situation like this. Armchair ethics generally bear little relation to ethics in the field, I believe.

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I have heard this same question, but put another way: If you were in a house fire and could only save your husband or your child, who would you save? Answer is still the same – I would save my child. Maternal instinct is an awesome force. Nothing against my spouse (sorry, honey) but I would think that both of us would be more concerned about saving the child than saving each other.

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I’me not that important. My partner is and my child is pretty smart, she could lead the boat, probably better than I. I guess I’m in for a long swim.

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@Ron_C You can float on my husband. He’s buoyant enough for two.

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I guess if this was right at this moment I don’t have to make a choice. :P

I’m a single mother w only 1 child, at least since my guy passed away I don’t need to make that choice now.
If he was still here I would stay behind because he was blind, and our daughter could lead him home and since she has been helping him since she was able to when I was not around.

Although I am afraid of water so I’d prolly not be anywhere where I have to make that choice.

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